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Peasants Versus Smart New Cars And Doing The Shopping...

The entire street is up in arms, because, after four blissful years of the road being closed the new bridge is up and the road re-opened...

Himself has already been the victim of a snotty bloke who shook his fist at him at seven in the morning while he was out with the dogs...didn't move to the side quickly enough apparently...don't suppose the driver was expecting to meet a peasant out so early...

Even the lad next door, who is no slouch to coming home at three am after a lock-in, is complaining bitterly because cars are going by all hours of the night and we haven't a clue who they are.

You get to know the sound of different vehicles you see...or rather we did...won't now with all and sundry abroad all day and night.

I managed to rouse myself enough to go shopping this afternoon...we went to Carrick-on-Shannon which is busy in the summer time with people collecting hire boats and drinking in the expensive hotels...but it was cold enough today though the sun was shining...the town was heaving. The main road in had a long, long tail back of traffic...Tesco's was just silly...packed to the rafters with people elbowing their way round...trolleys stuffed with boxes of over-priced chocolates and bunches of flowers dolled up in cellophane...

Went into Lidls afterwards which was almost as least the check-out people are friendly and smile at you in Lidls...they don't bother in Tesco's...

It was a day for children staring at me while trying to attract a parents attention at the same time to ask why that funny woman has those things in her nose...I beam at them and they look horrified...if their mothers wore skirts instead of skinny jeans I swear the poor mites would be hiding behind them...

Must be such a relief to peel those jeans off...

It was something of a relief to come home actually...serve us right for shopping on a Saturday.

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Such a shame you now have all that traffic vashti. Surely you can think of a deterrent?

We were stupid enough to go to Asda and that was heaving too. Couldn't wait to come home.

The flowers are nice but quite expensive.


Hello Sassy...can't get a hold of any explosive mores the pity!

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sounds like your peaceful little lane has been ruined , its amazing how much more they flowers are worth just with that little bit of plastic put round them , im sure some of them jeans are way to tight I cant see it does their circulation any good , never know which is worse the tight ones or the loss ones that the waist is half way done there legs with their bum hanging out


Hello Malcolm...whether they are baggy or tight they look so uncomfortable!

My step-daughter always sends me flowers on Mothering Sunday...they are lovely but are probably quite expensive


Thankyou for more chuckles.

You certainly get your eyes opened when you go into town. I could spend a good couple of hours just watching and listening.

When you have got used to living such a nice quiet life and then it's spoiled by intruders, it makes you feel quite peevish, even if you knew it was not going to last.

I am a little worried about you now - remember to close your nets when you use your bathroom ?...keep Molly out..... :-D :-D :-D


I'll have to be extra careful now!

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Such is progress Vashti; it does not suit us all. I wonder if it is progess at all. I hate all the traffic & the supermarkets are heaving with Mother's day buyers. As for jeans, never could stand them, they do cut off all circulation, I like leggins, as they are soft to the touch; as long as they are worn with tunics & don't show the crotch. I think I am somewhat soft myself. X


Never any harm in being soft Scorpio...leggings are so comfy as well...agree with you about not showing the crotch though!

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Tight jeans, especially when they show camel hooves, are a breeding ground for bacteria. I wonder how many of these yummy mummies get cystitis, for instance?


When my eldest son was a toddler, he sucked his thumb, and he liked to hold something silky at the same time. He often used to clutch at my underslip, little ones wouldn't be able to do that today. I think it began when he was given a teddy besr with a silk ribbon round its neck, so if teddy wasn't there he found something else. Iris x

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Hello of my friends had a little boy who always took one of her silky petticoats to bed with him...he used to bring it with him whenever he stayed the night with us.


Can you and your neighbours badger the Highways Department/Council to make you street Access Only?

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Doubt it's done now.

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Put a sign up saying "Beware Camels" Might not be any there at the moment but always worth reminding people that you should beware of camels?

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Hello Offcut...I might just do that you know...and another one saying 'Keep Car Windows Closed...The Bears are Hungry'

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Might slow them down enough to make it safer.

ooh heck tesco and all them must have been rubbing their hands yesterday, even down here in lincolnshire they were moaning about how busy tesco and the lot were busy everyone moaning.

sorry to hear your quiet road is suddenly busy.

Take it easy and care x

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Sad you've lost the peace of the last few years Vashti but it had to happen - they didn't build/rebuild that bridge for nothing. I hope they put some traffic-calming signs or bumps in place - could you and neighbours lobby local councillor or whatever you have in Ireland? It sometimes works but don't hold your breath!. Have to agree that Lidl's assistants are much more pleasant than those in Tesco/Sainsbury's etc. The latter give employment to the more mature, which is nice; unfortunately the old guy we normally check out with is about as pleasant as a fart in a space-suit but his queue is always the shortest - can't have everything.

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