Site working well tonight.

So refreshing being able to read all notifications and posts without the site freezing after I have read a couple of things. Hope you all had a good weekend? It was a lovely day here. Got 4 lines of washing dried, ironed and put away. Feeling righteous and exhausted now!

Good night all.


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You have had a busy day Sian. We have been kept busy by having our grandson here. Great fun. Xxx

Hello oh righteous one ;)

Im wondering if you have the same problem as me with the site Sian. After reading a few posts it won't work any more, i.e. i click on posts, or messages, or notifications and it just doesn't work.

Have to go back to the beginning and type "hea" into my browser, which brings up (think that's it) and we're off again, like new. Just irritating to have to do that so regularly. You expect a site to work and Ive been wondering if it's my computer or the HU site. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hope resting and relaxing now Sian, after your labours :)

mine been the same so it isn't your computer

Hah!! good to hear Malcolm, thanks. I thought not since all the other sites i go on are ok. HU please do something - I've no time to contact you direct at the moment.

O2trees I posted about twelve days ago headed Site Maintenance. I also sent an e mail to HealthUnlocked to which I am still waiting for a reply. Coughalot2 also sent an e mail she did get a response. I have only just logged on to site about twenty minutes ago as yet no problems. It is not your computer I kept thinking that.

I am the same and often give up.

Tee's suggestion of refreshing is a good one - sometimes works for me.

Yea this is what happens to me. So frustrating.

I didn't relies it was working till you said , I been so fed up with it freezing couldn't look at notifications couldn't go back to posts had to keep going through the link from emails to read a lot of the stuff. sound like its time to put your feet up for the evening now

I find it works if you hit the "refresh" button, mm. Then you don't have to keep going back to the beginning.

Tee x

will try that thank you

Sometimes does Tee, sometimes not - very irritating.

Hi sian...I've got use to it...and got use to been annoyed with it to.

Hey hang on Sian you are making me feel very tired with that much work. ;) x

I am having problems but tonight it seems a bit better. Which button is the refresh one? x

Lovely day Sian?I can get excited by the sun and breeze blowing washing on the line . X

Good morning Sian,

Yesterday was a lovely day here too. You were very busy! Everything smells great when it's been dried outside. You can sense a stirring can't you - a time of renewal and regeneration. I never thought we'd see Spring this year.


Well after a lovely red sky last night - quite stunning we had a hail shower this morning. Sun is shining now so off we go. Need to get some cleaning done.

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