Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

I guess I'm a very lucky lady ,,,,I didn't expect flowers ,,,,God I'm lucky to have my hubby to love and take care of me ,,,,I've been ill since the first week of December,first with chest infection,then pneumonia,then pleurisy,,,,,,now oral thrush caused by all the antibiotics,,,,,,the thrush has caused me to lose my voice ,,,,,ohhhhhh hence the roses ,,,haha,

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  • Oh my they are beautiful,deep deep red,gorgeous.

  • How lovely. Get well soon. Xxx

  • you have had a bad couple of months hope you are feeling better soon , I expect the flowers helped to cheer you up this morning ,

  • Oh, they are beautiful Nanny, you've arranged them so nicely too. I always make a mess arranging flowers. I hope you feel better very soon. xx

  • Thankyou ,I am feeling better every day ,,,,need desperately to get back pulmary rehab ,,,,,I'm going to give it a try tomorrow,,,,,

  • Hello Nanny, - you have been through the mill recently haven't you.

    Gorgeous deep red and healthy looking roses and I am sure they brightened your day no end, and yes you really are lucky to have such a thoughtful husband.

    I hope you have turned the corner now.

    Jennifer xx

  • Thank you Jennifer ,,,,,it's been more like a roundabout than a corner hahaha,,,,,get over one thing only to develope another ,,,,but I'm going to try going to the gym tomorrow the COPD nurses are there on a Tuesday ,so I should be ok ,,,,if not ,,,they'll send me home ,,,,fingers crossed ,,,,one day at a time etc etc ,lol x

  • :-D :-D :-D :-D

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