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How low is too low?

My husband has appeared EXTREMELY Tired for a few days. He can't keep his eyes open for more than 5-10 min at a time. I've just thought he was tired, he is diabetic. I've been checking his heart rate always in the 115/120's. But all evening his spo2 has been around and ranging 85 to maybe 90. (and that is with a breathing treatment) Also some memory issues but I am not for if that's related. Any advise? He is very stubborn I can't convince him that I think he is sick.

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Hi Melabeth, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear your husband is unwell.

I know nothing about diabetes but his 02 levels seem a bit low.

You don't say what lung condition he has, only that he has treatment.

If you are in any doubt that your husband needs to see a doctor, please phone for an ambulance.

Let us know how you get on 🌷


Hi melabeth, I guess you have checked your husbands sugar levels....are they OK?

I would ring your gps surgery in the morning for advice if you have not had to seek help already.

Take care


Hello Melabeth

I would definitely get medical help soon.

Have you checked his blood sugar level......if this is way out and his O2 still low, l would phone for an ambulance.

I do hope you get on OK.

Velvet xx


Please call his doctor soon. When he sleeps can you wake him? Has he had any body shaking? It sounds serious to me. Best of luck.


I know very little about diabetes but I know his 02 sats should not go below 90.

85 is too low. He needs medical attention.


Welcome to the site Melabeth

I also don't know much about diabetes.

His O2 level is low. What is it normally?

Maybe you could fill us in more on his conditions, so we could be more helpful.

Rubyxx 😊

Good Morning - I care for my stubborn husband but I think you need to get him seen by a Doctor. Good luck xxx


don´t know what O2 is accepted as "normal" I kept dropping into 70´s I was panicking like mad and no one seemed too concerned. just shrugged and said bit too low. soon had it back up to 90. It just won´t stay up there. mainly sits around 85 to 88. seems i am always SOB:

Same happened to me. I was taken to hospital and told I was CO2 retentive. It's when you can't expel all th co2. It can cause the shakes, extreme tiredness where you can't keep awake, confusion. It can be dangerous if not treated or it elevates. A niv machine worn at night gets rid of it. He must see a doctor. It sounds odd but too much oxygen can make it worse, that's why he must see someone there's a fine balance.


I come on this site as an autiimmune liver disease sufferer...has he had his liver functoon checked...dont want to give more issues but i suffer with extreme fatigue and know that low blood pressure can imply a

problem with a bleed on the inside

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Good Morning Melebeth. Welcome ☺. I can't add to the advise, hope you got help & the situation has improved. Best wishes Nan

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He could be hypoxic with high CO2 levels. This can cause great confusion and tiredness, as happened to my mother last year. It's considered an emergency so Please get an ambulance or an emergency visit from your Doctor and don't delay.

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My diabetic wife was like this a couple of days ago, totally exhausted despite sleeping for 36 hours, then some confusion and memory problems. I was worried enough to dial 999 and it turned out to be a serious infection requiring IV antibiotics for several days. We're

waiting for today's treatment as I type. Never again will I delay getting help immediately!


What's his BG like?

Loads of people saying he could be low, but he could also be high instead.

Please let us know where his BG is at.

At this point you simply have to over rule him and call an ambulance. He cannot judge his own condition. The ambulance people will take over and do what needs to be done.

I do hope Melabeth you have now got help for your husband, and will let us know how you got on and if there was a problem or not

Sohara xx

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