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Living with COPD

Hi all.

I am a COPD patient and at the moment awaiting a kidney cancer operation in two weeks. After a recent flare up I have been confined to the house so that I don't put myself at risk of another cold/chest infection. If I do, I will have to cancel the op which I realky do not want to happen. So grandchildren are banned unfortunately!

it has been very hard not going out and about as when I am free of chest infections I am an active 77 year old person as much as possible. I am interested in everything that goes on locally and world wide and keeps the brain ticking over.

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Hello 6725

Well done on being so active, and keeping the old grey matter ticking over.

COPD and kidney are having a rough time at the moment.

I know if l don't see my grandchildren for a couple of days how much l miss them,...You are obviously OK with the internet , so why don't you set up a SKYPE's free...and you will be able to have face to face chats with them,.. while they can't visit you.

At least you will still be able to see can even do this in hospital after your op.

I hope your operation goes ahead and hope you have a successful outcome.

Very best wishes

Velvet xx


Hi Velvet

Thanks so much for your message and good wishes. Good idea about Skype will try that. My friend has Skype so it would be like actually being with her which I miss and of course the grandchildren too.

Lovely day today so I might persuade the other hslf to tske me for a run out in the car!



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Hi 6725

You have a lovely day xx


Good Morning - Velvet has written such a good post there is little I can add other than to wish you all the best for your op. and the speediest recovery, lots of love xxx


Hope your operation goes smoothly and that you recover quickly so that you can enjoy the summer and your grandchildren. Kaye x


Wow,,,,first of all ,I wish you well with your upcoming op ,,,,,the worst thing in the world is having to ban to your grandchildren,,,but I do understand ,,,,I'm the opposite at the moment I have got pleuracy and have a chest infection hubby has got a nasty cold ,,,,,we really don't want our family getting it ,,,so ,thank goodness for Internet and Skype/face time ,,,at least I get to speak to our grandaughter every day ,,,,,

Hope you'll soon be back to your active self and spending quality time with your grandchildren,,,,,,I wish you well

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Hi Nanny 1086

Thank you so much for your good wishes especially as you are feeling so poorly yourself and your husband. Hope someone is helping you out though as it is difficult if the two of you are ill. I had pleurisy once years ago and it was a very painful experience and I am sure that it was the start of my COPD problems.

I do hope you will both be better soon and please let us know how you get on. Take care of youselves.

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Hi what rotten luck Cancer & COPD. I admire your courage & get up & go. Good luck with the op, enjoy your run out to n the car. Hope you enjoy Skype. We wouldn't be without it.

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