COPD plus Phenomena

Do's the British Heart Foundation have any information on the affects of having COPD after you have had phenomena which I had in November last year in the bottom of my right lung I was informed by the doctor in the hospital that I would eventually be breathing as I was before over time. At the moment I don't feel like that is the case due in main to having another chest infection since. Can I get any written information at all from somewhere that help me know what to expect now. William finally improve or not?

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  • Do you mean the British Lung Foundation? If so, try visiting their website which has leaflets covering a wide range of tropics.

    Or you can give them a ring during office hours on 03000 030 555.

  • COPD PLUS Phenomena? What kind of phenomena did you experience? Or do you mean you had pneumonia last November?

    Who is William??

    You need to see your GP who is in a better position to answer your questions.

  • Naughty!,! Brondana!

  • Good to see you posting Mardi.

  • That's an interesting name you've chosen Mardi. Not common by any means. It was the name I chose for one of my beloved dogs many years ago. I used Mardi as my sign in names on a couple of Australian dog forums way back when. It's a lovely name.

  • Brondana-Sounds like you are in Australia? I'm in canberra. It was my nick name at one of the many schools (in many towns that I lived in.) none of my family know it . They call me Maz I'm Marion -are you well?

  • I'm in Melbourne, Mardi. I'm as well as I can be with severe COPD. I like the nick name Mardi more than Maz.

    How are you keeping?

  • I have no idea what kind of Pneumonia I had no one as told me, I didn't know there where different kinds. As for William that was meant to read ,"will I finally improve" but my old phone decided to put William. Glad to say that I am now fully recovered, although it has taken 3 months.

  • The British Heart Foundation has lots of info on breathing difficulties and British Lung Foundation has lots of info too both can be contacted on line and leaflets ordered or there are telephone numbers to contact for info. Most Chemists now have the British Heart Foundations Magazine available to pick up with many interesting articles in it. BLF have a newsletter too and as Toci says a info line during office hours. It takes a long time to get over chest infections ect if you have COPD, each chest infection does not help the condition but we usually recover some given time.

  • Thank you Katieoxo60 for that information, much appreciated x

  • Thank you for that information, I will take a look on line today. I know it takes time to recover but having anot her infection on top of the previous problem seem to have knocked me back. I felt better at Christmas than I do now, it starts to get you down when you can't seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Like you say though I guess I will recover in the end . Well at least I hope so .

  • Yes I did when I was first found to have COPD.

  • SilverLady17 - I had pneumonia 5years ago and slowly developed mild bronchiectasis -have had about 15 chest infections since but no pneumonia -also an asthmatic-I'm still breathing well otherwise. I can go for an hours walk with a bit if a hill in it too. Asthma is better than when I was a child as there are now preventive medications and also ventolin relievers. I'm 72 .you should be ok if you have been correctly dx.

  • Thank you for that it's given me some encouragement, I just want to be able to return to being able to go for long walks like you with my little dog. I have to have another X-ray in about 5 weeks I'm hoping that all will be well with it. Once again thank you you've made me feel more optimistic on the out come.

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