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Seretide Discus and Throat Problems

I'm a asthma patient. I am 34 years old and i was diagnosed like 10 years ago. For all this time i was only using ventolin for the attacks, and no other medication. But lately ( 6 moths or so) attacks are getting more often. So my doctor prescribed Seretide discus for me. But whenever i use Seretide i'm having avery sticky phlegm in my throat which makes me try to clean it, and this thing just irritates my throat so bad. It is very effective for the shortness of breathe and other asthma symptoms but i can't use it properly because of this side effect. I have seen others having the same problem but never saw one with a solution. I was also having a very little phlegm and throat irritation problem with ventolin, but that was just a drop in the ocean compared to this. Hope someone has a solution, because 'd like to be able to use Seretide for asthma. Thanks.

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Hi, I used seretide for the first 5 months after being diagnosed, but hated it. I put on 10kg and my skin became so thin i would only have to brush against something and my skin would tear. Seretide has many side effects as it is a steroid. I did a lot of research and found that Spiriva was an alternative and non steroid. Spoke to my doctor about it and he agreed for me to try it. Worked fine and only one puff a day. Look into it.

I don't take anything now as i am using cannabis oil.



Ask GP for an alternate inhaler if seretide causing sides. Are you rinsing your mouth out well after taking the seretide?

It didn't suit me, either - phlegm throat, hoarse, cold wet lungs, headache.

'Only using Ventolin for attacks...' you say, so no steroid inhaler (Clenil Modulite) for preventer?

If so, you'll need a corticosteroid element in your replacement inhaler: Fostair or Symbicort usual alternatives.

If no steroid required Spiriva or Formoterol, Seebri easihaler, etc

Discuss with respiratory nurse, or GP.

Lots of these can cause side effects - make sure you rinse well after use... even if it doesn't say so, Spiriva for example.

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Hi I have copd and asthma and I use Symbicort as a preventer. I find this good and I don't have any side effects.

Before I was diagnosed with copd I had asthma for many years which wasn't controlled well. After being prescribed symbicort for it my lung function shot up by around 10 points. x

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Everybody reacts differently. If this inhaler does not suit you have a word with your GP as there are alternatives he can switch you to.


Seretide needs to be gargled after use. It can give you thrush and sore throats. I still lose my voice now and then.


Seretide is a very effective inhaler but does affect the throat and mouth. I use the blue AeroChamber spacer for it and my Ventolin, and you must also rinse your throat and spit it out. Since then I hardly ever need to use my Nystan Oral Suspension, and all the meds get where they are needed. Xx Val


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