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Locking hands and feet

Do anyone get there hands feet locking up like a claw very pain fall as well it is like cramp but not as I have to rub them the best I can it is like nothing going throw them I can have something in my hands but when it happens you can not hold anything at all as often when we go out for a meal with the children the wife got to cut my food up for me do it happen to any one els

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I have had that but not as severe I put it to either a trapped nerve or muscle spasm. It only seems to happen when my fingers and hand in a certain position. But it is rare it does happen.

Be Well


Yes I have that hy hand stick when I am holding things very painful I have psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis I would see your GP to see if you have some form of arthritis

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Hi David

Ironic really but just got back from hospital for a neck xray for maybe a trapped nerve that causes mainly my right hand to have almost permenant pins and needles. Also I get stuck when opening a jar or push against something or gripping.

Will be back at GPS in a week or so for the results.

I don't think 30 years on a keyboard has helped.

Let us know how you get on.


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Yes, I have. In my feet.

Horrible, toes cramping into claws and quite tricky to unlock. Looked awful too. Like freak feet. Eagle claws.

It happened whilst I was on higher dose Seretide. It stopped not long after I reduced back down to my normal dose.

From posts and replies on here I learnt that quinine helps a lot. I bought tonic water as it contains quinine and it was miraculous the difference it made. A small glass or two per day helped me enormously..

I don't know if you can buy quinine over the counter or not, perhaps get a script from your GP as its a lot more difficult if you get it in your hands. P

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I have the same problem with my feet and calves and have a lot of muscle spasms in my hands, waist upper arms and back, it's blooming painful. Have always put it down to the amount of steroid in my various medications and live with it. I have always had glass of tonic water in the evening, so I mentioned to hubby that I will have a couple of more glasses during the day and the cheeky beggar said fine but stick to plain tonic water during the day and not the gin and tonic you have in the evening.

What's a girl to do first I went off red wine and then white wine, then the good old standby of a Christmas sherry, even a weak snowball has been given the cold shoulder.



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This happens to me when I take take more of my inhaler. Jan


Yes this happens in my hands and feet. I have inflammatory arthritis, also have a finger which closes in jerky movements - hope that makes sense. Very painful.



Yes, this has happened to me all my life, though not as severely as for you. I have the circulation disorder primary Raynaud's phenomenon, and get cramps when my hands or feet are cold, white and damp and have used up the oxygen in the muscles.

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Hi David,

Yes I have had this, it is very painful. I think I may be able to help, worth a try any way. You may be magnesium depleted in your tissues. This may not show in a blood test as that measures magnesium in your serum. I bought some pure magnesium oil and gently massaged into my shoulders, arms and hands. It needs to stay on for 15 minutes before washing off. You don't have to wash off but it makes my skin itchy. Do this every day. It took about 2 weeks for me to notice a difference. I have had no problem with my hands since starting this regime. Its called trans dermal magnesium therapy and the body absorbs the magnesium into the tissues via the skin.

I did not have the same problem with my feet, but I did use to have severe night cramps. The easy solution for me was to buy a tablet of ivory soap, must contain magnesium. Put the unwrapped tablet under the bottom sheet of your bed, around where your feet are and leave it there. I have not had a night cramp since I have been doing this. Do check the soap ingredients, many soaps don't contain magnesium.

By the way I was using the soap long before I discovered the magnesium oil which has cured the problem with my hands.

I do hope these ideas help you.


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