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My marvellous respiratory nurse


I have always said my respiratory nurse, Carol Stonham from Minchinhampton surgery, is the best. Now we have proof.....she has just been awarded an MBE for services in respiratory care!

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That's wonderful Carole!

Congratulations to your respiratory nurse & congratulations to you for being one of her patients.

Must be rewarding for her to see how much help she is giving people with lung conditions.

Have a Happy Healthy New Year 🍹🍾🍷🎈🍸🎉🍺🎊

Wonderful and so deserved ,,,,,

I am writing this as I await a visit from my respitory nurse specialist ,,,,,,,,as good as yours I'm sure ,,,,,they are life savers in my opinion ,

caroleoctober, Oh this is so wonderful!

I have a very dedicated team with a friendly approach to all my breathing ailments. Becky, the boss of them all, is a lovely, understanding and compassionate woman. She is there when I need her. she is always encouraging and shows me details of results with an explanation which I haven't received from my consultant - and it didn't come to me to ask either!

This is the Whitstable Respiratory Team working from the Whitstable and Tankerton hospital that the government is trying hard to close, without success, because many of the equipments have been paid by subscription from the people of this area.

Long may it live. I hope that one day too they will receive the honour they deserve. But their reward is to see people who can learn to cope with their illness better.

Happy New year, Mic

O2Trees in reply to helingmic

Right on Becky, my nurse too Mic, isn't she wonderful.

Happy new year to you too :)

helingmic in reply to O2Trees

O2, I love her, I'd stop coughing just for her! Or produce a special sputum sample!!! All the best of health, Mic

Marvellous Carole! I didn't realise you're also in Gloucestershire 😃 Happy New Year to you xxx Peege

Well done that lady! She deserves this honour because it actually means something and much more deserved than most from this year's list. Everyone must feel so proud of her. Tell her how much we appreciate people like her. Polly x

How brilliant Carole. Such wonderful recognition. Happy New Year to you. Xxx

Sounds as though it is well deserved,

Happy new year Carole, hope its a great one for you :)

Wonderful news. Wishing you a very happy new year xx

Hi Carole, it's lovely to hear from you, seems quote a while since you last posted.

Your lucky to have such a wonderful nurse.

I wish you a happy, healthy new year xx

What lovely news, how lucky you are pleased for your nurse as its a great honour and well deserved.

It's a pity more can't be the same .......our practice included

Not sure if its the person or the practice , but there's no umph if you know what I mean.....just going through the motions with little interest.

Have said more than enough.......

Happy New Year to one & all.

That's fantastic

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