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how long to get over chest infection

Hi all

Took my emergency ab just before Christmas as I started to feel unwell . Finished them on Christmas eve and although I feel much better can these things hang around for a while? . Also found that I was short of breath after evening meal or if I sat on the sofa , any ideas as I was wondering if this is the way I am going to be all the time or if this was just an infection hanging around

Thanks Allen

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Sometimes your body gets used to the antibiotics. I would hand in a sputum sample to get checked I found out that my body was resistant to the antibiotic so they keep changing them to find the right one take care.

Hi Allan, I have been diagnosed as borderline copd - emphysemus changes although my Spiro was ok really, and asthma. I had flu about eseven or eight weeks ago and still not right really, although much better. I have had dry wheeziness with no cough but because it comes and goes have been told it is adult onset asthma caused by virus. anyway, I was definitely short of breath for a few weeks and now able to walk my dog for a couple of hours with no sob, but got a slightly sore feeling left in my upper chest. Like you, I do feel a bit concerned that I am not completely better but certainly it is improving all the time. I am a bit frustrated too at how difficult it is to see a gp, it seems that because I can go walking, they don't think there is anything to be concerned about, but I know I am not right! Your infection is very recent so am sure you are still getting over it. I am going to ask for a referral to a specialist, and will pay to go private if need be but I do resent that as I have paid my national insurance for thirty years. I would get an appointment this week if any of your symptoms are alarming you, all the best

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I sometimes have to have 2 lots of antibiotics and steroids to get rid of it

Always have to take 2nd course of antibiotics and if that dosen't work the doctor has to give me a different (stronger) one. Luckily the last infection I had was nearly 12 months ago now.

The good news is that you took your antibiotics; the bad news is that if your infection was severe, you may need more, plus steroids. It can -- and often does -- take _weeks_ before you will be feeling as though you're back to normal. Every exacerbation knocks the stuffing out of your system. The trick is to give yourself the time to recover properly before you start wondering why you don't feel better...

Happy New Year


Hi all

Sorry not to have replied ,problems with internet . Got to see my nurse at gps and she said my lungs were clear , gave me a different inhaler to try Foradil twice a day and up until today it was great could breathe really well . Today I have struggled a bit , got that feeling like my chest is a couple sizes to small . Will have to see if I feel better tomorrow , not much fun on building site in this weather and now a little jack russel is looking at me in that " are you going to take me out voice " . Allen

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