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Ultrasound booked

My diaphragm ultrasound has been booked for 31st December.

I guess my worry is this; I had a small GI-NET removed a year-and-a-half ago with my appendix, and these have a tendency to recur anywhere and metastasise frequently to the liver. Liver functions were fine, but that doesn't rule out a liver NET, and given that it was my right hemidiaphragm that was elevated on the x-ray, along with my recent symptoms (past couple of months) of abdo pain, mild diarrhoea, flushing, and raised heart rate, it is a possibility. Cancer also runs very strongly in my family.

Anyone else had this, or the ultrasound?

-- Matt

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Just hoping the ultrasound goes well for you Matt and you get good results.

Wishing you well for 2016. Xxx


Hi, I have no experience of these tumours, but I do know that excessive worry will not be helpful. Try to keep calm, relax as much as possible and have a good talk to your health professional when you know the outcome.

I wish you all the very best

Take care

Ngaire xx

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