News puts son in a panic!

He is still in hospital being treated for an infection, which has now moved onto his chest it got to the stage that he is on O2 but they wanted a bronchoscopy as the CT scan showed the infection had spread on his lungs. They also did a wash and took samples from his lungs.

It seems that they are treating him with the right AB for the infection that they identified straight away but they were still waiting on some other tests?

He has now been put on a mask with a saline bottle to moisten the air to his chest at a higher level. They have also found a few problems with his liver and kidneys but they put it more down to treatment and the infection than a major issue.

It was not until the new shift came on that a sister came in and told him while we were there, that they have had path lab call and say they have found bird flu virus from a swab? This now means he has to be moved from a positive pressure room to a negative pressure room. Plus everyone that enters the room must were a mask and apron before entering and that includes visitors keeping them on until they leave.

Even though the sister has said this is more a precautionary move and it does not look like it has developed into anything sinister. It is important that this is not spread to anywhere else in the hospital!

My son is hearing a more sinister message and in a bit of a panic that we hope is now quelled for now?

Fingers crossed it goes to plan now.

Be Well

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  • Oh so sorry offcut my heart goes out to your son, you and your family. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Try to stay positive and strong to overcome these hurdles.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • PMA always

  • Hi offcuts sorry to hear bout ya lad very trying times .. I don't no how you keep it togeather sometimes BUT guess needs must.

    Don,t know how relevant it is or not But our winter flu jabs this year was apost to protect us from that DID read that was one of things init this year.... Thought might be worth mention.

    Wishing you both well fella

  • He did not have his for the past 3 years. I have mine every year.

  • Well at least they seem to be all over it and not letting the grass grow under their feet. Thank goodness he's receiving such prompt and thorough treatment. Let's hope they manage to clear the infection soon.

  • it could be one of those that is not affecting him but it showed up?

  • Hello Offcut. I'm so sorry that you are having such a worrying time and that things are so difficult for your son. I am wondering if the sister got the right flu because it was swine flu which got into the human population and which our government are still including in the flu jab because they ordered too much of it. As far as I know any cross overs from bird flu only ocurred in the Far East. At least they are watching the situation and dealing with it carefully. I am thinking about you all.

  • it is one of the H???? ones. she did say but it took us all back a bit so not fully obsorbed

  • at least they found it so can set about knocking it out.

  • It is all about keeping it in his room now. until it is clear.

  • Hi Offcut

    Sorry, to hear about your son. At least he is in the best place, I will pray for him.

    Hopefully your son will be ok.

    Take care.

    God Bless


  • Thank you

  • Glad to hear they are on top of the situation but very sorry it is necessary. xx

  • by far the best place for him to be probably know more tonight

  • Sorry to hear your son is not too well. My thoughts are with you in a really positive strength. Take care of you and your family.

    Babs x

  • Thank you.

  • Everything crossed now for your son and you too of course. Don't need anything scary happening and sending positive thoughts for a positive outcome.

    Thinking of you all.

    Carole xxxx

  • Thanks. PMA forever!

  • Hi Offcut

    Sorry you're having such a trying time.

    Your poor son and poor you ,going through all of this. One thing for sure, he seems to be in a good place with excellent care. May the new year put all this behind you, and bring well deserved smiles to your family.



  • It has got to the wife a little more than she is letting on. The staff are superb!

  • hi Offcut Wish it was better news for you all but glad they do seem to be on top of it.

  • He is in the right place that is for sure.

  • Goodness gracious. What a time you must be living through. My heart goes out to you. I have only "liked" this as a measure of my support and your resolve. Take Care and my thoughts and my prayers go with you at this time- Regards-Dave,

  • Thank you it helps me get my thoughts out and to get kind comments back mean a lot to me.

  • Wishing your boy well, he begins to worry less, you too, keeping him and you in mind offcut, hope he begins to get better soon xxx

  • He is a half empty person I am a half full so we balance the karma.

  • Hi Offcut this has come as a shock you really need to be careful your lungs are not the best. I do hope you get some good news soon he is very close to the transplant take care and keep us all posted.

  • I have been told to be extra careful with my contact with him until he is clear. I am masked sterilised and covered in an apron before I can go in. As are the nurse now.

  • Hello Offcut, my heart goes out to you. You & your family have been through so much.

    I sincerely & with all my heart hope your son fights off this infection.

    You need to look after yourself as well.

    Keep as well as you can

    My prayers are with you 🙏

  • There is a little improvement but it is an improvement. He is having so many drips that since taking out the Line in his chest they have had to put another cannula in to take all the medicine etc. He has had 4 bags of various things going in each arm. It is upsetting the little sleep he has.

  • Glad to hear there's some improvement albeit a little.

    Poor soul, it must be awful for him.

    Thinking of you all 💐

  • best wishes for a speedy recovery x

  • Thank you

  • Hi off cut my thoughts and prayers are with your son hope all goes well for him .

    Take care xxxPeg

  • Thanks

  • Thoughts and prays are withy you along with as speedy recovery.

  • Thank you

  • Sorry to hear that Offcut. Hopefully he will soon be better. x

  • Fingers crossed but they are doing all they can.

  • I am sure that is a lot love. Don't forget too that he is young and that is greatly in his favour. x

  • So sorry to hear another hurdle to cross.My heart goes out to you & your son,& all the family.Stay strong,love & prayers,for a good outcome xxx

  • Thanks

  • Sorry too hear your son is still struggling with an infection, no wonder he is worried and guess you are too deep down. Must remind ourselves he is getting the best treatment to prevent further damage to his lungs. A lung infection can soon spread so best to take the precautionary route and leave nothing to chance. Every best wish to you and your son for an improvement in time for Christmas. xx

  • They took me aside to say I must be vigilant because of my RLD etc.

  • Thinking of you and yours O, at this difficult time xx

  • Thank you

  • Tried to leave you a comment yesterday but site was being silly and wouldn't let me...just to say hold on tight to hope of better times ahead xx

  • Sure will they have said it will only delay transplant by a short time, fingers crossed.

  • I even have my DIL saying my mantra PMA!

  • So sorry that he has developed an infection but being in hospital where they can immediately deal with such maters is the best. He really should stay in hospital all the time now as he already is immune compromised and things can develop very quickly.

    Suggestion keep a pan and pen and paper with you and ask the nurses / docs to write down what they say is happening as the mind plays tricks and you start to hear all sorts . Knowledge takes the sting out of the panic.. If you know what to expect it can be dealt with.

    Sorry to say but this is just one of many things that will attack him and he will have to survive but it can be done. All the best - an AML survivor.

  • Thanks. As you say you know how it is highs and lows.

  • Yup like a rollercoaster . It takes so long to drag yourself up to the top . You get a second to admire the view and then WHAM you hit bottom at full speed and have to start all over again dragging yourself back up the hill and this can go on for months. Some days you will have had enough and want to jump off, so you have to be given a reason to stay on the ride.

    My reason was my young children and husband. When the panic set in I would ask my husband to spend the night in the room with me so that I wasn't alone. I might of been out of it and he couldn't do anything but the very fact he was there gave me great comfort.

    Take comfort in the fact that both you and your wife are giving him strength to stay on the ride even if on the very bad days he might yell at you.


  • I for one will not be getting off the ride

  • He is certainly getting one thing after another. I sincerely hope things look up for him soon and he can begin to get better instead of keep getting knocked back. Must be so difficult for you all too. I pray things will improve soon. Lots of best wishes and hugs coming your way. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. x

  • That is the problem with this foul disease they have to knock him down to get him right. It leaves him wide open to any bug out there.

  • It`s not easy I know but try to be positive. Now they know what they`re dealing with they can find the best way to treat it. You must be so proud of your son and the way he deals with these setbacks. God bless him, you and all your family, Sheila xx

  • Thank you

  • I am so sorry to read of your son's illness. It must be so hard, but it's great you are strong and positive, and this must be such a comfort to your son and the rest of your family. I hope he is a little better today, and feeling less panicky too. The team looking after him sounds really good so at least you know he is getting the best treatment.

  • The support team is one constant we cannot knock at all.

  • Sending heartfelt and positive thoughts to you offcut. Such a tough time for you and your wife. Hope your boy gets better soon.

    Kindest thoughts. Sara xx

  • Thank you

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