Copd, Hypertension work related stress

Hi everyone. I hope everybody is keeping well and healthy. I have been suffering with hypertension since 2013. Diagnosed with COPD 2014 in the hospital. Now been signed of by my GP work related stress anxiety. Also put in a grievance about bulliying and harassment at work. But HR is not carrying out the progress ttill am back at work. I am suffering mentally physically since end of September. Not knowing about process is making me feel worse. Still fighting for my case. If any body knows anything about ill health retirement at the age of 51. I am a nhs member. All these problems at work drained me. I feel stuck down no enjoyment left in my life. Somebody can give me advice I will be more then happy. If my medical side qualify ill health retirement. Many thanks for help x

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  • Hi Nll237

    Do you belong to a union, and if so, are they helping you.

    Human Resources are there to help you, and should be trying to resolve this problem...Are you and your union rep up to a meeting with them.

    They will need to communicate with you, before they can go forward.

    Have you tried citizens advice for info on medical retirement requirements or Google it.

    Good luck

    Sorry l Can't be of more help.

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Velvet,

    Thanks for your respond. Yes I am with Union. HR is aware. I seemed to getting no help at them. Always fighting for your case also worrying about your medical side of issues.

    Thanks very much

    Nil xxx

  • Hi Nil

    Your HR dept should make you an appointment with occupational health...they are very good normally and have your best interests at heart when it comes to your health.

    Tell your union rep you need more help from them...that's what you pay your contributions for.

    Fight for your rights.

    Good luck

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Again,

    I did e mail on Friday HR department. Asked them to refer me to OH. Will talk to them about my help and grievance as well.

    If I have been bullied and harassed I will fight for my rights. I have been suffering with their care free attitude.

    I will go to the end no matter what.

    Thanks Velvet55

  • Hi Nil

    Good for you....that's the spirit...keep fighting for your rights...Bullying in the workplace is unacceptable.

    Good luck and keep your chin up

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet...:) Your all so sweet and warm.


  • Sorry but I was once told that hr are only there to protect the company from empoyees

  • Hi Mick63 Thanks for your reply. To be honest they all support one another. I felt that I did not get any support from HR Union and Occupational Health. It's so true that every one of them is supporting one another. I felt that there is no employers rights. I have just been dismissed from work middle of august. I am just wishing everyone health and happiness..:) xxxx

  • Hi, Nil237. Velvet has given you some good advice. I hope you can start to find your way through your awful situation very soon.

  • Thanks Eregendal xx

  • hi nil237

    im a supervisor and even if your off sick and you have any grieviance , it has to be dealt with before you return to work. so HR is talking a lot of rubbish if there saying they have to wait till you go back to work. you need speak your supervisor or manager and get them onto it. have you put in a claim for PIP you get that whether your working or not. if you feel you will be able go back to work then all the issues that were there before you went on sick have to be resolved first.


  • Hi Aberdeenman,

    Just saw the replies now. Thanks ever so much. Reading all these made me feel better. At least I can see some support from you. I know it's all rubbish.

    I have been e mailing HR and my Service Manager but not body seem to take action towards my line manager. I have been bullied and harassed by my line manager which made me mentally physically ill. Honestly I am just sick and tired and suffering with anxiety.

    And because of this I don't feel strong enough to go back to work. Fight for your rights. I am so tired.

    They are not getting the grieavance procedure started till I go back. I just don't know why? They keep e mailing me to say they don't want to stress me out more because the dosage of your medication is increased. These are there excuse. what's PIP CLAIM never heard tha before.

    Thanks for your time and respond

    Kind regards


  • I was medically retired at the age of 53 from County Council. The situation at my work was not good. I had stress and anxiety, and the heat and environment at work made my Asthma and Eczema worse. I was also diagnosed with COPD as a result of the severe Asthma. I can't remember all the details now, but I remember that I showed my line manager sections from the Disability Equality Act, proving that I was covered by the Act. I also was sent for a Occupational Health OH Assessment, who said I was too ill to work at the time. I saw OH a number of times. Work got me a fan, and we altered my work hours, but was off sick so much with stress and Asthma etc. OH called for reports from GP and Consultants who confirmed my Asthma was unlikely to improve. OH concluded that I was unlikely to stay well enough to work in any job for a year. OH confirmed that the Council had carried out all adjustments they could, nothing else could be done, so OH recommended ill health retirement. I have severe Asthma, which with all the infections has permanently damaged my lungs, so have COPD, which was all classed as severe. Hope this helps. I am sending you warm comforting thoughts and hugs.

  • Hi Ann,

    My COPD is mild at the moment. But with anxiety and stress I am going through now I can feel that I have been having chest pains. breathing problems etc. plus other issues. Thanks for your warm comforting thoughts and hugs

    Nil xx

  • Thanks for your advice

  • I took ill health retirement from the Civil Service at the age of 49. Are you entitled to an NHS pension? Are they paying you for sick leave? Is your GP prepared to sign you off work for a long period? I personally would forget about the grievance procedure and concentrate my energies on getting medically retired. Your Union rep or the CAB should be able to help you. Good luck with this. Regards Mandy

  • Hi BugsBunny I love your nick name.

    Thanks for your respond. Yes I am on NHS PENSION. Yes I am getting sick pay. Been off work since end of September. Signed off again till 1st of February but my GP will refer me again to counselling. WHO is CAB? Union I did not talk to my Union. They are not very helpful.

    I think people on this page is more helpful then your work place.

    Thanks ever so much..

  • The CAB is the Citizens Advice Bureau. Volunteers there have a large database and lots of training to be able to advise and help people with all sorts of problems, including yours, Nil237. You should be able to find your nearest one online.

  • Hi eregendal,

    Thanks honey. I googled it found out what it is. Never been to these kind of places before, now I need to go and get information.

    Many thanks honey x

  • I did it around then retired from nhs was a qualified nurse . I got in touch with the pension people they gave me advice i get a small monthly pension payment every little helps got it for life hope that helps.

  • Hi 123098 Thanks for your reply. So If I get in touch with Pension People they will tell you what to do? Off course every little helps. It doesn't matter how they give you as you say every little helps. Agree. Ok I will ask them as well.

    Is it a long procedure? Thanks again

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