COPD sufferers

Has anyone heard about the Salt Caves?

I have been going for two and a half years. My COPD Nurse cannot believe what a difference it has made. Since going my readings have stayed the same or improved. I also have a salt pipe (Amazon ) and have just bought Salin Plus therapy device. ( bought mine from Australia, it was cheaper than UK!).

I would definitely recommend the salt treatments. X

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  • Hi Caz I am glad this is working for you. Just move to the seaside like me and you will get loads of free salt in the air :) x

  • Ha ha, lucky you. I'm stuck in the middle of Edinburgh... East coast fog. Cold winds etc etc lol x

  • Hi Caz, yes I've heard the salt caves are beneficial to lung conditions.

    I live by the beach & I find the salty sea air good for my lungs.

    Keep well 🌹

  • Thanks for the information. Out of interest, how much are the sessions please?

    I tried a salt pipe a few years back and it nade no difference at all to me,


  • Hi James

    Sessions are £35 per hour with one session free. There are always deals on Groupon etc. I buy packages. Just bought 30 sessions for £300 (£10 a session). Well worth it. Think you may be able to pay up. Works well with pipe. Oh also packages have no expiry date....Christmas present maybe? Take care.

  • Thanks you for the information Caz :)

  • Ive just started using Himalayan salt lamps and can honestly say that since ive had them i have not been as breathless i was.....and they are lovely when they are on

  • Hi Mandy where did you purchase your lamp please ?

  • I got them on amazon,,,im a real skin flint and they were the best price i found :)

  • Thankyou will check them out

  • That's something I don't have. Might have a look when I'm at salt caves tomorrow. Glad something helps you.

  • I just found a 'salt candle'...less expensive, has three little places to put votive candles, but I thought that maybe I should find some natural beeswax ones because something burning seems counter-productive....anyone out there tried these?? It's supposedly one of the Himalayan ones.

  • I was looking at those but they are candle holders and im not sure if they would work the same as the lamps because they dont heat up ....also from what ive read your meant to keep that lamps on as long as possible, constantly if your in the house ......but i could be wrong im new to these things

  • Yeah, I'm wondering about keeping a flame going for long periods too. My hubby and I read every evening for a few hours and I tried just lighting them on the table between us...surprised to feel that they do warm up a bit. Who knows, I'm into trying anything.

    I'm researching the 'salt-caves' though...sounds interesting.

  • I'm in the Salt Caves now...pure bliss and I know after my hour's up I'll feel great. No hot feeling on my lungs, no ache...etc.....kills bacteria, helps boost immune system. I've booked a two hour session for Tuesday to go e me a good top up.

  • Wow, that does sound nice...anything that brings "pure bliss".

    Hope to try this as soon as possible!

  • Yeah they do sound interesting and i would give them a go but there are none in wales

  • Nothing beats the Salt Caves.

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