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'Calling parents' - support BLF's media campaign for cleaner air near schools

Do you have a child who is experiencing lung problems because of high levels of pollution around their school?

If so, would you be interested in sharing your concerns and experiences with the media about the problems of pollution on your family?

I’m working in the British Lung Foundation’s press office and looking for people happy to talk to the media. I promise to support you ahead of any interviews!

It’s part of our campaign to clean up air pollution and encourage government to adopt our seven-point plan for cleaner air.

Please reply if you are a parent, concerned about pollution levels near your child’s school, and happy to share your thoughts in newspapers and/or with radio or TV.

Thanks so much – your help with campaigns is hugely valuable!


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Ad not even go there :) hypocracy of MP's and Lords Establishment.

Its ok for our kids in school to breath in asbestos till councils get round to moving it

Yet lords Mps are having theres moved right away.

As to traffic air pollution councils road planers have a lot of explaning to do esp when it as been proven some councils have actively caused planned congestion that in return causes pollution.

Even in victorian times pollution was just just as bad and as deadly but at least they new about socail planing.

This lot we have NOW are experts at taking but lax in giving out back

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O i forgot to ad yes i had tado with my brothers kids school.

My brothers kid as bad lungs like asthma and its important schools know about him having to have is water bottle threw day to help gaurd against a full attack.

I would say it very important you keep on at schools esp if your kid needs provisions threw the day as basically the not interested and only time are is unless your kids in care and the held accountable to social services.

The inequality in this country is truly unbelievable.

Luckily my brothers kid is growing out of is lung issues infections THAT am very pleased about :)

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Many thanks for your feedback. Yes, we'll definitely keep working with schools, to educate them about lung conditions and what's expected / needed.


Is great news now schools have inhalers on hand.

But is no all about inhaler's having kids siting on floors would not help either.

I found myself have to tell different members of staff time and time again about of importance's of his water threw day

Sometimes it was like falling on deaf ear's and thats whats frustrating


A wonderful initiative Mr Chris. Have you put anything on FaceBook I can point my daughter toward? She went through hell trying not to allow her 4 yr old to attend the placement she was given. The school is on a busy A road with lorries, buses & thousands of cars going by daily. Little one has lung issues. Fortunately a place came up at a village school a few miles away.

Good luck


Pleased you found a more suitable school in terms of air quality. You can find out more about our campaign on pollution and how to support it via our website: blf.org.uk/Page/Air-pollution Thanks for your interest and comments.


I live near three schools and a college all on the same half mile road in Crewe. The traffic build up is appalling at peak times of the day because there are no traffic lights or roundabouts at either end of the road to ensure the mums' taxis and buses can join the main road quickly.

At least the council have streamlined the sleeping policemen road humps outside the schools this year so that you can actually drive at the speed limit of 20mph without knocking your sump on the asphalt - at those times of the day such as midnight when the schools are shut.


It sounds a nightmare, both in terms of pollution and road safety. You can find out more about our campaign on pollution and how to support it via our website: blf.org.uk/Page/Air-pollution


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