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For Scotland

For Scotland

Good morning to you all.

St Andrew's Day today. My late husband was from Edinburgh and a proud Scotsman. Well we all know that England has some fantastically beautiful scenery and we are lucky to be here, but for grandeur and breathtaking splendour nothing can compare with Scotland, and my memories of a generous and welcoming people and stunning places are more precious than words, so here's to our friends over the border. Slàinte mhòr agad! Great health to you.

Queen's bridge and Glencoe and I borrowed this photo from the Tourist Board.


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Thank you Jennifer, that is a wonderful view.

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Hi Jennifer as an aberdonian I have to agree with you

I haven't lived in Aberdeen for 48 yrs now but it was my birth place and will always have a place in my heart

Take care


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Good to hear you retain your roots. Are you living in Gkasgow now by any chance?

We are looking to set up Patient information forum in Scotland relating to MAnchester Lung Centre mainly for those with ABPA . Interested?

Hi no I now live in West Yorkshire ,thank you for your invite though

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Scotland is a place I would love to visit, especially as my father was from Aberdeen.

Whoever said See Naples and Die had never been to Scotland:-)

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Hi AJS and happy St Andrews day to all the Scots on here, Brilliant photo and amazing scenery, would love to see it for real.

In some ways though I prefer the Malverns because I can still walk to the top of them with my oxygen back pack and a tail wind :) .



Oh that is so lovely! It conjures up a great picture in my mind:-)

hi tony

did you watch Scotland winning the davis cup haha lol



No but I did see Great Britain beat the Belgians Ha Ha.

Come the Brits!!!🎾🎾🎾



I watched the programmes on bbc2 about the Scottish islands absolutely beautiful scenery would love to go and see it all

Happy St Andrews day

Carole xx


Carole -I think everyone would benefit from the sights.

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I love Scotland as I have all of the British Isles. I have travelled all over the world but for sheer peace and beauty, give me the UK. I have been to Scotland several times, and each time, there has been a heatwave!! X

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Very unpredictable weather - sounds about right, and you were very lucky! Last time we arrived was the very minute all the midges in Scotland had hatched out and from then until the day he died, Alex carried the little white scars. He said he bore them with pride. heh heh x

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Thank you Jennifer for your very kind words about Scotland.

I'm Scots born & bred & I'm very proud of my heritage. I love the bagpipes & even the haggis! The midges don't bother me either!

Our countryside is spectacular & contrary to human belief, we do have some lovely spells of hot, sunny weather.

You are all welcome to visit us here in Scotland where you will be warmed by the hospitality, food & Scotch, awed by the scenery & so glad you came.

Haste ye back!

Happy St Andrew's Day to you all 😀


Thankyou Jessy11,

I'm proud to be affiliated by marriage and entitled to wear the kilt.. North West Scotland is very special to me and who cares about the weather anyway! Skin is not porous. We have spent great New Years too in Edinburgh ....sloping off back down to England after about a week or so...heh heh.

Everyone believe Jessy11 it is all true.

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bet you notice the differents when you visit your daughter in Cambridge has she taken you out in the country side there its very bleak and flat and when the wind blow nothing for miles to stop it ,

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Yes Cambridge is very flat. I noticed there's lots of bikes around the town.

I enjoy going to visit my daughter, probably go again in the Spring as I never managed this year what with being in hospital for 3 months then convalescing.

Lots of good shopping centre & lots of historic buildings.

She lives outside Cambridge in the countryside in a village so yes we notice the windy weather💨💨💨💨

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you will have try go on one of the gondolas on the river at Cambridge and George can serenade you as you glide along

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Haha! 😂 I laughed trying to picture that! So did he!

But never say never 😂

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does he like cornetto do you remember that tv ad years back lol

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Yes I remember it! Need to get George to practice the song! 😂😂😂

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Hello Jennifer

Beautiful scenery....I've only been to Scotland once, and enjoyed every second of my visit.

Velvet xx


Hello Velvet,

You are not alone - once bitten twice shy. Apart from the scenery, thre hospitality is second to none:-)

Hello 1008,

Yes, it certainly is. I can well imagine how you feel. It's feeling of pride and your dad would have wished for nothing better to say goodbye to you. Alex's song, and one that he sang with a passion was Flower of Scotland. It was played for his goodbye. He made me laugh - he said it was anti-England but everyone down here always asked him to sing it.

Jennifer x

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I agree with all that's been said. I worked for a company in Aberdeen and the people there were among the best I've ever worked with. I loved the scenery around Aberdeen and the granite city itself. Superb cultural facilities ,theatres and art gallery. I miss it now I'm retired an at home in Cheshire.

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hi Jennifer, thank you for posting such a fantastic picture. xx

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Hi what a beautiful picture, thank you for posting it. I have been to Scotland once - Edinburgh. Went to Darlington to stay with a friend years ago and I happened to mention I had never been to Scotland. So we went for the day :) It was February and I remember it was very very cold. x


My ex husband is a proud Scot from Edinburgh

Spent many happy times with his family.

Happy St Andrews Day.

Thank you for reminding me.

Ann (a lapsed Geordie).

🍷 ☺

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Happy St.Andrews day,just loved that pic,beautiful😊xxx

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Stunning beautiful and I hope to see it all soon ...happy St Andrews day

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Wow what a beautiful place

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