7 weeks ago I was rushed to hospital with double pneumonia and pluerasy. I had a chest X-ray in the hospital which showed I had severe pneumonia. I was treated in hospital for 6 days with IV antibiotics to which I responded and started to improve after 3 days. I was discharged to recover at home and was told I had to have a follow up chest X-ray in 6 weeks to check everything was ok. I had the X-ray nearly 2 weeks ago but have still not heard the result. Every day I am waiting for the phone call or letter with increasing anxiety. I rang the consultant last Thursday and his secretary said he had my X-ray and would inform me by letter but up to now have heard nothing.

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  • hope your feeling better now , I think if the xray wasn't good news you would have herd from them as a priority , take care

  • Thanks for that. I am hoping that is the case but I am still worried and just wish I would be informed of the result good or bad

  • yes I do understand that , im afraid communication from hospitals to gps and patients aren't very good

  • Hi gateshead lass I'm so sorry that you have been so poorly with pneumonia. I had it earlier this year and it really knocks you about. Be kind to yourself and don't expect to be feeling back to normal for some months. Now, these letters. Ring the secretary again and keep ringing until you get your copy of the letter. Very often they send a copy to the GP who does not think to let you know. You need to see the results in print to put your mind at rest and help your recovery. Don't take no for an answer. We pay the salaries of all of these people and they should supply the service that they are paid for. good luck. xx

  • I second Stillstanding's reply. Keep calling. Go into the doctors surgery and wait until they dig up your X-ray result. You absolutely cannot trust the GP practice to pass anything on to you anymore.

    12 years ago I rand for results of DEXA, bone density. Receptionist said it was fine. It wasn't, I had osteopenia. So I could have had calcium fir those ten years. Grrrr - I realise not Life threatening like pneumonia .. I've recently had it. 1st since the jab 3 years ago so that makes 6 times in all.

    It does take absolutely ages to get over so you have to take care of yourself as you would a newborn baby - more or less. Lots of TLC, vits & minerals to boost your immune system. X

  • The results are with the respiratory consultant at the hospital. When I rang last Thursday a receptionist said she would get him to write to me but so far no word.

  • kee ee eep nagging! xx

  • Sorry that you have been so poorly. You will have to keep on at them to get the results. Hope that you are much better now xx

  • Dear Gatesheadlass - I so know how you're feeling. Lack of communication when we're waiting to hear results or to go in for tests is the worst thing. I think mmzetor's reply is what I'd say too - no news, is very probably good news. Try not to worry, though I know it's hard.

    I was in hospital with Pleuritic Pneumonia in Jan and Feb this year so, I can understand how it leaves you feeling drained; like you, I suffer with Bronchiectasis.

    Keep warm and try to stay out of the damp and frosty weather - it's not good for us Bronch patients :) Hope you get your results soon. Best wishes. X

  • I phoned the consultants secretary again this morning and she said he had written my letter yesterday and I should get it today or tomorrow. I asked her why it had taken so long when I was told 7 to 10 days and she said it was because he had so many to do. Some people apparently have been waiting since October and he pushed mine forward because I rang last week. I feel a bit better now things seem to be moving and am prepared for good or bad news. The waiting and not knowing is the worst

  • Hello,

    If it were bad news, you'd have heard by now!

  • The letter must have been sent 2 nd class because I still haven't received it 😡

  • Latest instalment in saga. I rang the secretary today and she had gone home for the day but another secretary spoke to me. She said after the consultants report is typed up it has to go back to him to be signed and letters are usually given to him in bulk. Apparently he has been away for a few days and only returned to the office on Monday. So I have resigned myself to another few days wait😡 I am prepared for any news but will be annoyed if the letter only tells me to make an appointment with him as surely that could have been done over the phone

  • I finally got my letter today telling me that the pneumonia was completely cleared. The letter was dated 1 St Dec. but not posted until 8 th Dec. I am so happy and relieved. The wait has been the worst 3 weeks of my life

  • I am glad everything is ok. They could have told you that over the phone. Take care

  • I know . I rang up 3 times and the secretary said I would get the results by letter. Apparently the consultant wrote all 2 lines of a letter telling me my pneumonia had resolved completely last Tuesday but was not posted until this Tuesday. I kept telling myself if anything was wrong they would have informed me sooner but until you see it in black and white you still worry. Never going to google symptoms again😡

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