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Bronchiectasis - Stem Cell Treatment

I'm 66 yrs old and have had bronchiectasis for 27 yrs (started out as diagnosed with asthma, then copd finally diagnosed correctly 2 yrs ago).

I live in the states, and after a lot of research, have decided to have Stem Cell treatment to help with the scaring in my lungs, which would help keep down the number of infections.

They will remove some of my own stem cells, modify the cells, then reintroduce them back into my body. The treated stem cells migrate to the damaged lung issue and create healthy cells. It will not improve the weakening airways, but will improve my lung function.

I will have this procedure at the end of December at the Lung Institute in Nashville, TN. Since it's research, the cost is out of pocket, so I had to think long and hard about this.

I am taking a leap of faith, Beth

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Dear Beth, good luck and please let us know ow it goes.


How exciting Beth...I know EVERYONE on this site will really appreciate it if you keep in touch and update us especially on how you feel the stem cells are working. We read so much about this, but so far I have never read anything from anyone who has actually had the treatment ( expect perhaps on the sites advertising the procedure)

Stem cells seem to work for so many other organs etc I feel its only time until they do actually manage to regenerate lung tissue. I hope and pray the time is now for you Beth

Good luck


Yes good luck x

How wonderful for you Beth. You are very brave & I hope it goes well for you.

Please come back & let us know how you get on 🌹


Good links, st. Well done.

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Good for you Beth ! I hope and pray the treatment will be successful for you. Do keep us informed.

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Hi Beth

Good luck to you.😊. You're very brave.

I have just read the links stilltruckin gave you. Have you researched this procedure well? Whatever you decide, we are here for you. I am from the states too. ( new jersey )

Rubyxx 😊

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Wishing you well Beth. Please let us know how things progress.

Love cx


I am sorry to say that there does not seem to be any effective stem cell treatments for lung disease. Research in this field is in very early days there are however some very unscrupulous people out there happy to cash in on vulnerable people beware !


Good Luck Beth wishing you every success with your treatment xxx

Hi i know nothing on stem cell therapy but do the cells not normally have to be injected into the exact area of damage to be effective. I read an article on a guy who had an injured knee and that is ho ii understood it. The cells would have to be placed at the area of damage which wiyh the lungs is very difficult. Stem cell therapy for the lungs is at the very early stage of development. Hopefully it is a way forward.


I kind of agree with gaffers post. Be careful.

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Hi Beth, stem cell treatment is a great way to get what you need. In recent experiments they have used them to grow lungs for transplant, rejuvenate memory, and much more. Yes it is a new but well tested method in medicine so be happy and don’t worry the treatment you will get will be normal practice in a few years.

Wishing you and yours a lovely happy Xmas and New Year.


Hi tomhatha...where in th world have lungs.been grown for transplants????

I would be very greatful if you can give me the links.

On the stem cell side of things you might be interested in Yorkie70 post...

COPD treatment.

The video makes an excellent reference on stem cell treatment.


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Lungs HAVE been grown gibbro - Google it.

It might be worth using a little gentility in your responses perhaps...


Am sure that if tomhatha is offened in anyway by my reply he will let me know.

Having said that...I will make adjustments to that response as it is a bit strong.

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I'll have to go through Science today and try to find it for you

regards Tom

this is 2010 so look from there onwards

regards Tom

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Good luck :)

I know somebody who is a doctor of bio tech and a researcher in the field, who says that for reasons both ethical and practical we could be many years from a effective treatment. there are some definite possibilities but were not there yet

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Whatever works....., works, Beth (my niece's name as well); anyway, at this point in the game, I suppose your doctor has told you of any possible 'unfavorable' outcomes and you've chosen to go ahead. All I can do is wish you the very best and hope you'll keep us posted after the operation.

I'm in the States as well...., in the Atlanta area.




I just read the articles at the links another responder provided..., the specifically cite the clinic you're considering.

Please read them and make more inquiries.



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Have you seen the COPD Foundations stance on stem cells? Or how about American lung association? The American Thoracic Society? Or ERS? Check out the recent webinar on the ATS website for COPD week. A well known Pulm from National Jewish in Denver, one of the best Pulmonary services in the US. Listen to what he has to say on stem cell therapy, and these clinics.


I can see from all the above comments, there is much to consider with lung stem cell surgery.

Beth, you have obviously researched this issue much more than I have, and made your decision, I respect that.

Please let us know how you get on, you never know, it could be another one of this group up next.

Good luck and best wishes

Linda UK

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Brave lady, thank you for being our guinea pig. ;-) xxx


Thanks for posting this and very best of luck Beth. Please do let us know how you get on. x

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Dear Beth, I gave big problems with my lungs and you brightenef up my day, by giving me a lot of hope that some day I could be better... Even if I'm in Europe and I doubt that I'll have this chance here....


I have gotten a lot of good information from this website. Several people take turmeric, with ground pepper, every day. So I tried it. I take 1000mg twice a day. I started 2 weeks ago. At the time I was so short of breath, that I could barely function. Three days after starting to take turmeric, my lungs started to clear up, I was able to cough up a lot of mucus. 2 weeks ago my breathing test at the doctors was only 63%. I went today, and it's up to 78%. Check it out on the internet, the benefits of turmeric.

I also take Manuka honey very day. It has antibiotic benefits.

I'm starting to think "outside the box" when it comes to this illness.

Keep healthy, Beth

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Thank you a lot for your advice. I take a lot of natural supplements, such as Respiration blend, myco defense, System Immunity, Schizandra, Vitamin C, and honey instead of sugar. I don' t want to seem doubtful, but to have respiration rise from 63% to 78 seems too good to be real. I mean, maybe they changed the device for the test.... Anyway, you made me curious and I'll look up on the internet about turmeric. I'll try it, one more won't do worse, but your words mean hope for me


Thanks for your words.

I've had lung problems since childhood, and for a few years now also emphysema, incipient pulmonary hipertension, hypoxemy and brobchiectasis. But all these are due to a mechanical problem of function, after a serious pectus excavatum disease and surgery 20 years ago.


You seem to have a lot more lung issues than I. I just have bronchiectasis due to childhood illnesses. I also worked in a sewing factory when I was young, breathed in lint which I'm sure was not good.

At the doctors, I breath into a mouthpiece as fast and as long as I can. It tells how my lung function is doing. 2 years ago, I could get into the low 80%, so 78% now, I'm doing good.

I also use a nebulizer, a flutter valve, and a precussion vest that pounds on my chest. I also posture in certain positions to help move the mucus out.

Keep the faith, Beth

Hi Beth. Hope u are well, please let us know. Again searching the website, have found a trial on the website Clinical As far as I can tell this is a study which is the same as that performed at the lung institute and I think the same as u have had, where they take stem cells and introduce them back in to the patient. It is a little confusing (or I am a bit thick), as far as I can understand the trial continues until 2020, however some results will be available to see in December of this year. Have a look Beth as u will know more than me about the method used. Keep well.

Hello Falconcottege,

I took a look at the trial you mentioned. Found it a little confusing, but I think it is similar to the treatment I had done over a year ago. This trial will go on until 2020. They are only using 6 patients. Three each on two different methods. They take out some of your bone marrow and separate the stem cells and reintroduce them into your system. The theory is, that the extra abundance of stem cell (cells that repair damage) go to the damaged part of the lungs and repair the damage.

I have not noticed a huge improvement in my illness, so I can't say for sure that the treatment has helped me. But, I haven't gotten worse either.

But, it is good to know that other facilities are doing trials. It's just a matter of time before a significant treatment is found. I think more and more people are being diagnosed with Bx than ever before (most likely due to our generation of having all the childhood diseases that caused it). Thankfully, my grandchildren won't have to worry about it. And the only illness my children had was chicken pox.


Hi Beth. Have u had any improvement since having your stem cell treatment? Hope u are well

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