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Low platelets small cell lung cancers

My dad just had jaw pain and was admitted to hospital only to then fined out he had small cell lung cancer. Which they say is a rarer but aggressive kind but it was caught early enough it could be cured. He has been suffering from low platelets and has only had one chemo treatment. Missed last one and really don't know how this plays a role in his treatment other than delaying it. How is he to get a cure if platlets stay to low for treatments???

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Usaly chemo drogs do that .. A think they do transfusions after or inbertween treatments.

Guess it all depends on person geting treatment and how well they tolarate it.

Wishing you both well


Hi Kelly D3 is right they do sometimes do blood transfusions. Did your Hospital give you an Information Sheet when he started Chemo? It gives lots of useful info and low platelets explained. If you ring your Oncology Clinic or MacMillian Nurse if you have one they will explain it all to you.

I had a few complications with Chemo but my platelets were always Ok.

Take care



Hi Kelly, sorry to hear about your Dad. I'm afraid I can't be of any help to you as I've never had experience of this.

I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you & hope your Dad responds well to his treatment 💐

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Thinking of you and your dear dad Kelly at this difficult time. xxx

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Thank you all


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