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I'm just fighting a chest infection, first one in nearly 2 years. Started meds on Sunday and I have to say I feel much better. My question is do I go to my school reunion (just the girls) tomorrow night, its a meal, can't believe I left school 40 years ago. I want to go but apart from the infection I haven't got any confidence ad feel stupid having to walk n with my oxygen.

Kim xx

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  • If you feel well then go Kimmy! I know what you mean re oxygen, felt really self conscious about mine for ages but no one bats an eye lid. Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind. Have a good time xx

  • You go and see them. What Sheilab says is true. You will always regret not going if you don't. x

  • Kim, you must absolutely go to your reunion. You will have a wonderful time meeting all your old school pals.

    Put on your best smile & go & have a great night!

    Come back & tell us all about it! 🌺

  • Thank you everyone. I hope I'm feeling ok tomorrow I knew you would all understand how I feel. My sister is going to com for moral support now, so I feel better now.

    Kim xxx

  • if you feel better you should go , you may find your not the only one there with breathing problems , if you do go hope you enjoy it ,

  • Kimmy just woke up and seen your post.

    Go to your reunion and enjoy, I used to be self conscious having to use and carry my o2, my granddaughter give it a name...Meet FRED meeting people I always introduce my tank as Fred and people are fine. Go and enjoy a catch up with your friends.

    etch45 xx

  • Thank you. Mine is Sylvie, my concentrator Bertha and mobility scooter Madge.

    Kim xx

  • So I'm not the only one giving them names.....

    I like your names, if ever I need a scooter it will be Oscar😄.xx

  • Please go if you feel well enough kimmy and hold your head up high. Lots of love Xxx

  • Cant thank you enough for the encouragement, I'll report back.

    Kim xxx

  • Look forward to hearing how it goes.

  • Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to go last night.

    I was really nervous but I took my time getting ready, dragged out my glad rags and slowly applied the all important make-up and I didn't scrub up to bad. One of my friends was expecting a really ill looking old woman, she said she couldn't believe it when I walked in looking fantastic which was lovely. Had a great time and hope to do it again in the new year, fingers crossed going out in the cold and wind hasn't set me back so fingers crossed.

    Kim xxx

  • So pleased you had such a good time , lovely news x

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