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Psudomonas eradication update


It's been a few days since I was last on HU and wanted to ask folks a question about nebulizing Gentamicin?

Who is responsible for exchanging my full Sharps box for a new one? I am now working 750 miles away from my home surgery who would have exchanged no problem! I am similar distance from my cons hospital. I have registered with temp surgery but they have refused to do this for me! Obviously I want to dispose of the sharps safely and responsibly - advise most welcome!

Psudomonas! Well since starting the Ciprofloxin and Gentamicin my lungs have deteriorated quite badly. In my view I think that I must of had a bad colonisation in my lower rt lung. I think that treatment is clearing infection and this has loosened the mucus - I am really struggling to shift this despite all usual chest clearing techniques as it is so low down in my lung. I feel my lung gradually filling up during the day. Walking can help but it is exhausting trying to loosen and clear it! Often feel that I am too unwell for work but will do so for now.

I am now on 2 nod lot of prednisolone/steroids since starting this treatment. Would love to hear from others with similar diagnosis/problems.

Take care all and wrap up warm this weekend. Den

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I had the same problem, I suggest you ring up either the consultants secretary or the department that prescribed the treatment and ask them to write or e-mail your nearest hospital or send you a letter with a "To whom it may concern" heading so you can show it either at the local hospital or surgery. It is amazing when you consider that drug addicts get as many needles and sharp boxes that they ask for. You could ask your local council to collect the used needles in a sharp box and your prescribing hospital could send a new sharp box in a parcel ! Good Luck !

I nebb Gentamycin and with other nebbs, Salbutamol, Ipratropium and 6% saline (Mucoclear). It has done a good job but I found I needed a boost by taking 250mg Azithromycin three times a week. I have been clear of any infection that needed treatment for over two years. Good luck.

How long did you neb Gentamicin? Are you still on it whilst taking Lt AB? Interested to know for my own situation. I dilute with saline but use a spacer to inhale ventolin before gentamicin. Hope you don't mind my curiosity! Thanks Den

I have been on Gentamycin or, for a while, Colomycin for, possibly 8 or more years.

I dilute the Gent with Iml "normal" (0.9%) saline. I am sorry but I don't understand the "whilst taking Lt AB," sorry.

Long term antibiotics - sorry for my short hand!

Silly me, but I am still in the dark, by long term AB do you mean the Azithromycin ?

My specialist prescribed neb Colomycin for the treatment of Psudamonus twice daily . I was fine to begin with, but my chest was becoming tighter after a while and I was finding it harder to breath, I have now been prescribed neb ventolin twice a day which I use before the Colomycin . Takes about 7mins for the ventolin then approx 15 mins for the Colomycin . I find this regime much better as my air ways are fine now when taking the Colomycin , but really worth the extra time it takes, I also have Bronchiectasis , which I have had for 60years, for this I am prescribed 2inhalers , Ventolin and fostair , also Azithromycin for Three days ,Mon Wed, Friday , I tablet each day. Hope this information will be of some help to you . One of the side effects of the Colomycin is narrowing of the airways , this probably is the same for Gentamicin that you are now taking , it will tell you on your instruction leaflet, I do have trouble some days coughing up the rubbish , just a tip here , many years ago I was told by my pyshio to have plenty of hot drinks !!! And it really does help to melt the rubbish , Hope you will be feeling better soon . Good luck.

Have any of you been on a course of Ciprofloxacin ? I have so far never nebbed Colomycin or Gent. but have a 14 day course of 750x 2 Cipro when I get a Pseudomonas infection

Thanks Annie :) :)

Most chemists will take sharps off you.

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