Hi all 😊

Since being diagnosed with COPD In June this year the past few months I've been noticing that I'm wheezing, creaking and squeeking, so much so that I make my little dog jump and bark she's wondering where the strange noises are coming from!!

The wheezing seems to get worse throughout the day, evenings particularly bad then end up wheezing myself to sleep.

Is this common with COPD? My fev1 is 57%?

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  • Hi Veganista, I have COPD but do not wheeze at all.

    I'm sure someone with your symptoms will be along soon.

    Take care 🌾

  • I'd have thought the wheeze was more asthma related. I do this sometimes but if I use my ventolin it eases off. Do you have ventolin?

  • I am another COPDer without a wheeze. Sorry, I can't help.

  • nope, another copder and i don't wheeze.

  • Before I got diagnosed and gave up smoking I was wheezing as you describe. However, I think I had chest infection then - now I've given up the evil weed I don't wheeze or cough at all. My FEV is about 37%. Do you feel well otherwise? x piggi

  • Thankyou all for replying 😊

    I've got the doctor anyway on Thursday so I'll get him to listen to my chest while I'm there. I don't feel ill which is a good sign xx

  • Seems like you need to be using an inhaler. When I get wheezy, I have one called qvar I use. I sometimes think it could be allergies also.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • When I had a chest infection which has almost gone now, the wheezing was so loud my husband could hear it. He said it sounded like a gargling noise at times.

  • some days im a bit wheezy at night in bed but im not sure if its just more noticeable at night when your laying down and its quiet, some days im fine just depends

  • Pete is wheezy sometimes but he has sarcoidosis as well as copd so it could be that. It will be good to see your doctor on Thursday veganista. Hope you get the treatment you need. xx

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