Does anyone get sharp, ripping, stinging pain in their lungs that comes and goes?

I have bullous emphysema and chronic Atelecasis. I've been having very sharp and ripping stinging pains in my chest that come and go. They can be so sharp that I gasp, grab my chest, and moan. Totally unpredictable and I can't control it. It embarrasses me when I'm in public or around someone who doesn't know my condition. They started two years ago, but the last few months they come everyday, multiple times a day. My recent chest xrays show the bullae are stable and its not pneumonia. Has anyone had this symptom? It really concerns me.

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  • Yer doc's say its muscle pain but it's not it's rib pain lot of lung suffers will suffer hyperinflation that causes rib fractures or even breaks depending on age

    Doctors protect us from tru horrors of lung diseases ... The say if pain radiates down arms and involves center of chest BUT dose not go when you breath IN or OUT you need to see your doctor or go a&e

    Could even be bit of pleurisy

  • Oh really! So this is muscle pain? that is a relief!

  • Is if you ask a doctor or your gp is ... well in my experience that is YA tried a paracetamol

  • no. i don't understand?

  • Have you tried pain killer I.e paracetamol

    Usually I dert move when mine plays up .. If ya lady girl and on periods that weakens bones so do our sterode inhalers

    If was blood clot you would find it hard to breath and be coughing up bits of blood

    I think its fractures .. Try pain killer

  • When i got the chronic cough, 6 months ago, my husband (whom i have left) had kicked me in the ribs and had broken one. This doesn't feel like a rib injury. It took 3 months for my rib to heal. I thought my cough was due to breathing shallow due to the broken rib, and that i had bronchitis. However it was my lung disease. It is very embarrassing to admit but i suppose i have nothing to hide on this anonymous site. I feel the pain mostly in the right lung. Sometimes in the left. Not as often. Thank you so much for the help.

  • Totally know how ya feel with your lung trouble ... Your lungs have a sack on wall of ribs and pressure can cause pain esp if coughing a lot

    I think could be muscle or pleurisy and or fracture even one are not nice at all ... Would try pain killer tho just to take edge of

    There is a test you can do to see if all your ribs breathing muscles are working in tandem.

    Forgot name of it but you just look in full length mirror you should be able to see both sides of your body I.e ribs lungs moving in tandem

    Usaly I do it for reassurance make sure lungs not collapsed

    as to ya fella what can a say apart from best thing you did

  • Well at least you left him. So many stay. Well done, you are brave. I hope you get to the bottom of this pain as I know it can be very worrying. Make sure you go to your Doc or the hospital if anything changes, gets worse or more frequent.

  • Yes I had pains similar to yours they found out I had a irregular heartbeat im waiting now for angiogram, have you had a CT SCAN as this will show up things that an Xray can not.

  • September i had my last CT. Did you have the pain on both sides of your chest? The Xrays were to make sure the bullae werent infected or collapsed. I hope your heart condition isnt too serious.

  • NO in the middle of my chest and im getting out of breath very quick, but I will find out more after the angiogram when I will get that I just don't know, anyway I hope you will get better soon which you will.

  • I had a real bad chest infection a couple of years ago and ever since I have a cramp like pain down the left side and now when I get a chest infection the left lung is always effected more.

  • Ok that makes sense bc i just had an infection! Maybe its from the healing process. I bet thats what it is.


  • My 38 year old son and had Bullous on his left lung,had it removed about 6 months ago. It was as big as a watermelon so the dr. said. He's in recovery but is numb on his left side. Is still in a lot of pain. Dr. says he's good to go but the pain from the operation is still bad and he gets out of breath very easy. I hope this helps you!

  • Oh i hope he feels better soon. Id imagine that is a hard recovery!!!! Not looking forward to the surgery myself. Its not scheduled yet, but eventually i'll have it done too. I wonder how long he had it? They found my first one two years ago.

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