Had enough this morning

Hello all,

Wrote a reply to someone's reply to one of my posts and it disappeared twice. Then my messages showed -1 again and it keeps telling me I have notifications and there are no new ones. Just now I wrote a post to you all explaining this and telling you I am going to call it a day and have lunch and that disappears too. All I did was try and give the post a topic! Anyway, slept OK last night and no sleeping tab hangover today.

Will come back on and see if the Internet is behaving better for me this evening.

Hope you are all having a great day.

Nice to see Jimmy and Huggs are on the mend too.

Love and hugs



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I'm having problems too. If I click on notifications or whatever nothing happens, but if I then refresh the screen it works. Anyway I'm off too so will catch up later. Glad you had a good night xxx

The other day velvet wrote a reply on lunlungs post that showed up on my page saying etch had written it........its going nuts my end

Oh my goodness. My messages are showing -1 again?

I also tried to reply and wrote a long reply to someone and twice when I tried to press the submit button it had all gone so tried it again but this time made it very short and it worked but I didn't say what I wanted as had run out of steam by then

HU is like the NHS -- overworked, understaffed, and cant cope with all the demands of us sickies.😩😉😃

Yes that's right. I am still getting notifications for posts I have read.

Must be the spooks :-) actually mine is the same sometimes, same as fairlass I click notifications then refresh, usually does the trick, but I do think this site has mind of it's own. :-) jan x

Yes it is Halloween.

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