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Well, after getting up for the loo, having a cuppa and reading your wonderful replies I have decided to go back up to bed and read some of my book. See what happens, either way I will be relaxing which will be good. Up until Sunday I would fall asleep quickly, unable to finish a chapter of my book which would annoy me and then wake up really early but. Ow not even falling asleep quickly. I don't mind waking early I love that but 5.30 am would be preferable!

Everyone have a good day and talk to you all later.

Love and hugs to you all



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Sweet dreams


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Hope you get some zzzzzzzs x

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Good luck!

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Hope you feel better,& get some good zzz.

I hate waking up to early.I started waking up at 4am,& that was a real drag,with only online shopping on the tv!Used to love reading in bed,but find it hard to concentrate


Obviously I am neither tired nor poorly enough to sleep during the day. I usually can't but thought after being up from 3 am yesterday and from 1.30am today I would be able to. Finished my book. Played around with doing a French manicure! Not recommended when you are tired, in bed and have a cough. Tee hee! Used to be able to do those so easy even whilst in the car - on a motorway and not whilst I was driving lol. Played around on the computer with some ideas and messaged a few friends. Hit e bay ordering last minute wedding things. Less than a month now! Decided to see if I could get a photographer. Had asked my future spouse's son's partner but that is a little unfair on her. I know she has done a few photography courses but she should be free to enjoy the day. Have e mailed a suggested photographer on the advice of another photographer I know but found out doesn't do weddings. I still feel tired and shaky and still have this dry cough. When the surgery opens after lunch will make an appointment.

Meanwhile the chimney is being repaired. Huge branches jammed down there by the crows some over a foot long, found out the birds had pecked a hole in the tarp that had been tied around what was left of the chimney. So lots of bangs and crashing but luckily my bedroom is not on the chimney wall.

Have seen two foxes roam the field opposite. Wasn't too sure if one was a fox as it was so light too big for a cat though. Keep thinking the otters will swim up the brook to the pond but no such luck. More likely to catch sight of them when I am making the bed and just catch the movement out of the corner of my eye. Loads of those little black flies on the outside of the window - I would say a plague of them.

Thinking of putting the TV on but no idea how to use the box he does all that. I have Radio on and thoroughly enjoy it.

Wonder will there be any surprises in the post today?

Will call back in later.



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