Hi All when I last posted I had a pain in the ribs,it turned out to be Pneumonia and 5 days in hospital,I now have continual oxytetracycline twice a day which left me free of chest infections for 5 months(brilliant) but still last month one crept in so went onto amoxycillin and pred for a week and what a revelation I feel normal again.winter is coming so do not take any chances because it is so easy to get infected and so long for recovery,got myself a small dog to keep me active and so far its working well,

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  • Wot? A boxer?!

    Whatever, glad your dog's keeping you active Boxermad, best way to get through the winter and my PR physios say even if you do catch something, you won't be so ill if you exercise regularly. Sounds good anyway :)

  • Hi 02trees, no I have lost 2 x 10yr old boxers this year and after downsizing property I went for a french bulldog.I totally agree I did PR for 6wks and now go to BLF gym every week also health permitting.

  • Oh, you must have felt so sad to lose them. I don't really know what a french bulldog looks like but i'm sure s/he's gorgeous :)

    Glad you're feeling so well.

  • He is like a small bulldog with stand up ears and lots of attitude lol

  • HI Boxermad so glad you are feeling better, and I agree with O2 ( not for the first time :) :) ) Exercise is SO good for you, and everyone else with Lung conditions

    I was interested when you said BLF gym... what gym is that please?

    Keep up the improvement

    Love Sohara

  • hi Sohara maybe its this one,

  • Thanks TisBAme

  • HI Sohara it is british lung foundation gym classes in your local area connected to breathe easy groups

  • Thanks Boxer :) :)

  • My friend lost her boxer aged 10 this year I love boxers so much character your French bulldog sounds like fun perhaps you can put picture on

    Take care


  • ok carol will upload one

  • glad to hear you are feeling better , take care ,

  • thank you

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