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Another day

Good morning Campers ......

Hope everyone had a good night and looking forward to another day.

I'm hoping for a dry one as need to put the garden to bed.

A different note. Has anyone heard from Sokrackers lately?

It has been quite a while........!!!

I hope all is well with her.

Getting up now for early start.

Have a great day all.

etch45. 😄 xxx

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Good morning, Etch 45. Come to mention it, no I haven't heard from Sokrackers recently - hope they're OK.


Too many names gone eregendal...

Hope all is well with you.

Have a good day.

etch45. X

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She was fine yesterday :-)


Good morning ???????? etch

NO.... l haven't had a good night for 3 weeks since Mr V operation....he has to sleep on his back while recovering.

This makes him Snore for England !!!!!

There is not a room in the house where l can escape the noise, it's deafening !!!

Bless him, l haven't got the heart to wake him, as the pain makes it hard for him to drop off again.

I can't stand using ear plugs..... So l think l may book mrself into the local Hilton Hotel with Luxury Spa facilities !!!!

Sounds wonderful....only one problem...l will miss him and won't be able to sleep knowing he is not with me !!

Vicious circle springs to mind.

Enjoy your day

When Mr V wakes up refreshed....l am hitting my recliner !!!!

Velvet xx


Hubby in process of putting garden to bed, I always feel a little bit sad, thoughts of winter and all it brings! And no hope SK is ok. Good luck with garden! xx

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morning yes that time of year again with the garden , been trying to get a few more weeks out of the hanging baskets & pots , hope this is last time I have to cut the grass, well hope it stays dry have a good day


Well I hope you have better weather than me because the rain is coming down so hard I can hear it as I sit here typing! Sokrckers is fine by the way. :)


Hi all raining in Edinburgh to. Looks like another day in side


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