8 weeks of bloody sputum in the morning

Im new to COPD, was diagnosed on August 10th and smoked my last ever cigarette. That was 10 weeks ago and for the past 8 weeks have had a small amount of blood in sputum only in the morning. I saw gp yesterday and an urgent referal has been made. Gp really unnerved me by the way she stared saying its urgent. I really would like to hear from any of you good people with any advice. Many thanks

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Hi Wes, well done on giving up the smoking. I wouldn't worry about the referal it could be any number of things, most of which are harmless, but they have a care of duty to check it out. Take care xx

Hi Wes, welcome!

Its impossible to know at this stage and one of the most difficult things is to live with uncertainty. Try to find diverting things to do until the appointment, and keep congratulating yourself on stopping smoking. Whatever this turns out to be, stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself so big congratulations for taking that step.

Take someone with you to the consultant appointment. You can call outpatients to find out when your appointment will be. Ive had urgent referrals before and they happened two weeks after seeing the GP. Hopefully yours will be soon.

Good luck, jean

Hi I too was told this year and also stopped smoking once I found out however all my gp said was excersie well eat healthily don't smoke and that's it that was 3 months go and now ever ache pain cough I think is this to do with my copd which gets me down at times so begin refered has gotta be good there doing something bout it 😊I wish you luck

Hi Wes, it is a worrying time for you. As mentioned by O2 the only way to know is to get the urgent tests done and the waiting is unnerving. Most likely it is nothing but a burst blood vessel and I have learned from experience that usually what I imagine I have I don't. Try to live by the motto "I worry when I have to as I will have time for it then" or "no news is good news". Let us know what you find out, best wishesxxx

I had the same symptom and mine turned out to be a small burst blood vessel in my throat caused by violent coughing. It healed on it's own. I hope yours is as easily treated.

I had a whole load of tests after blood appeared in sputum. They didn't find anything (more than we already knew) or the answer tho'. But I did eventually, it was coming from my sinuses, and cleared up - possibly viral.

But they DO need to exclude anything that would need immediate attention.

What other symptoms have you got?

Hi soulsaver, lots of trouble with my swallow especially whilst sleeping. I had the camera up nostril nearly 2yrs ago they said could be weak muscles but its steadily worsened. My right lung very often feels heavy and sore

Heavy & sore could be wind, I kid you not. You don't cough? How old are you? What meds are you on?

Welcome Wes, and you did the right thing by quitting smoking. Good that you are being referred as the doctor is listening to you and getting everything sorted out. Try not to worry too much and take care. xxxx

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