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Great South Run 24th

Hi All

This is the link to my funding page on JustGiving for the BLF

For the 3 mile (5K) RUN at the Great South Run that I have trained hard for. I hope you will support me as I am sure we will all benefit from it one way or another.

Thank you robinell for helping with the link and your donation it is very much appreciated.

As I said before I will run the lungs and socks out on the 24th.

Keep well everyone xxHH

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Just donated and hope all goes well for you on the 24th. xxxx

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Morning , I have just donated. Please could you tell me how to get onto one of theses coarses as I am just like you with the breathing and hyperventilating. I would love to do it.

Thanks Wendy xx

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Hi Wendy thank you for your donation.

Some doctors are very unhelpful as mine was. I had to threaten suicide to get on Pulmonary Rehab. You do have the right to it under the NICE regs. Unfortunately sometimes you have to tell them what to do. Your Asthma nurse at docs can refer you also. I argued for nearly two years. Doc has a different view of it now lol. Egg on his face.

You need to learn to breathe under safe conditions which P R will do and help you to overcome the anxiety. So get pushy. Good Luck xxHH


Hello again I am really interested in this did you start it. I have been riding my bike and doing a lot of walking this week. Any suggestions will be very welcome xxx


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Get the NHS C25K app or download on your computer and print it out the app is best as this Voice "Laura" tells you when to run and when to walk. First one is walking and run for 30 seconds etc. I had to repeat week 1 twice but it doesn't matter how many times you repeat. It's hard and you will find your ankles and shins kill at first but that does go after a couple of weeks. Get a good pair of stability cushioned running shoes it does make a huge difference xx Good Luck xxHH


Thank you so much for that 😀 Xx


Donated now, good luck. XXX


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