Hello all after my op in April to remove nodules from my lung I have a lot of nerve pain and parts of my back is still numb it was a much bigger op than first thought fortunately they were benign x I was put on Gabapentin for pain and it does work although I am a different person and reading the side affects I have them all .i can't concentrate on one thing at a time or sit still my legs and feet are twitching all the time and bad tempered I'm surprised anyone is speaking to me x I was on 6 a day but had no memory and couldn't string a sentence together so cut them to 4 not to bad .ive now cut them to 2 and as I'm on holiday at the moment thought I might cut to 1 but no way tried this and had a whole night of jumping about and on the ceiling . Any one any ideas x thanks anne

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  • They gave me this but I only ever took 1 of them. If the side effects are too bad I am sure there will be an alternative. I suggest you need to go back to your docs.

  • I take Gabapentin for sciatica. Its a wonderful pill. Before I took it, I used to have pins and needles shooting up the back of my legs! Could barely sit in a chair. My poor brother, who is no longer with me, mentioned gabapentin to me.

    He had cancer and took it for pain. I take a very small dose. Started out with 100 mg. 3 x daily. It was like a miracle!

    No more discomfort. Now I just take 200 mg. before bed. Helps me sleep and works all the next day.😊 If I feel the need to take 300 occasionally, I will notice I feel very depressed the next day. How many mgs. are you on?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi I take 600mgs a day 1 300 in morning and 1 300 at night .i was on 1200 a day but cut it by half but can't seem to take less thanks anne

  • Hi I was started on it recently for nerve pain which for the last 15 years has been put down as fibromyalgia pain ( after high dose chemo for leukaemia) and it works for me. Prior nothing other than a couple of temgesic or a dose of morphine would help. I also suffered a lot from restless legs syndrome day and night, for which I found high doses of magnesium helped but since taking this not suffering and starting to sleep through at night.

    AHHHH to sleep through every night is magic. Started on 100mg 3 times a day. It is also recommended for restless legs.

    However what are your sats doing? if they are dropping this makes you agitated, bad tempered, unable to concentrate or speak and think straight.

    Where are you on holiday i.e altitude wise?

  • Thanks for your reply .my stats have come right down to "normal " in 6months on Urso but don't know what my ammune ones are . I do seem to be struggling a bit but waiting to see consultant .im in Portugal so haven't been up any mountains.both my wrists are very painfull and swollen.ive heard this can be a symptom thanks Anne

  • I initially thought it was the cause of my bad rash - symptom too but turned out I had shingles. so once they cleared went back on Gabapentin however although doc wants to increase dosage. Since 3 x 100mg a day are working I am happy on that. How long did it take you to get up to 600 x twice a day?

  • About a month but cut down now x

  • I take Gabapentin for groin pain and it is marvellous, I reduced the dose when the pain got less with no problems. Have you tried drinking one of the now popular and freely available fruit teas or infusions as they are called. I have one at night and sleep very well (touch wood). Take care, Love Lizzy x

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