Calling all crafters

Hi Guys

I need some advice on die cutting and embossing i spend so much time at home i want to have a go at this craft but the machines are very expensive so ive been looking at second hand ones.

Ive seen a cuttlebug die cutter and embosser which has no plates or anything its just the machine so the advice i need is what do i need to go with this to get me started.

Any advice is greatly appreciated x

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  • Hi

    Have you tried Amazon/eBay.

    Plenty of videos on YouTube

  • yeah i found vids to show how to use one but not showing all the different plates you need

  • morning Amanda

    if you have the machine you would need get dies, paper ect. for what you were wanting to do. don't know a lot about them but you get a lot on amazon.


  • Tam your the last person i expected a reply from :)....its the plates im contused about there are A, B, C etc i dont know if i need them all or what they are for ie embossing or die cutting

  • lol what you trying say. I used make models out match sticks, I used have a catalogue, it had all type things in there can remember they had full kits about what your looking for.

  • Try and get the model number, then see if accessories are still available for this machine, also if you have the model number,chances are you will be able to download the manual which hopefully will give you guidance


    Gwyneth x

  • oh yeah there are most definitely available and thats the problem there are A, plates B plates C, etc i dont know if i need each size or if one is for embossing or cutting....

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    Take care all

    Carole xx


    I hope this help it show the different plates

  • oh that looks promising ...thank you

  • I have the Cuttlebug and it came with 4 plates - 1 A, 2B and a C plate. You will need them all at different times. Hope that helps

  • I don't know where you live but I have seen these in a qvc shop

  • Hi Mandy where do u live it says about 25 miles from me I, I live in rogerstone Nr Newport .

  • Barry island x

  • Dear Mandy6513,

    I have just only seen this post. I am an avid paper crafter and have a big shot die cutting machine. Would suggest having a look at Create and Craft the shopping channel - they do demonstrations on the products they sell so you can get loads of hints and tips. Don't be put off by some of the daft antics they get up to, they never talk down to the viewers.

    If you are looking for a second hand machine you will find they are all different sizes and makes so the plates required are all different. Once you have decided on a particular machine if they have no plates with them, you can search online for craft companies who sell the right plates, or go on You Tube and search on for example 'plates for big shot' or demos for the machine you have purchased.

    One suggestion go for the biggest machine you can because there are some fantastic dies out in the market now that require large cutting machines with the capabilities of cutting up to A4 size.


  • Hi Sue

    Thank you for the is create and craft that started off the problem, i have never watched it before and wanted everything i saw :)

  • what do you do with die cutters and embossing machines geordiegc26

  • I never got the machine.........i bought loads of things ready to start and bought some of the pinart stuff and the folk painting stuff so have a pile of things then had a family crisis and have never touched it all and gone right off the idea ......oooppps :(

    Do you have one

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