i introduced myself a few days ago and have had 10 replies. Thank you - i feel welcome, and already learned from you all. I've never used social sites, facebook, or twitter, etc, i don't understand them or know how. With Health unlocked i'd like to learn, but don't know how to reply to 10 respondent other than' writing a post' which I expect goes to all. (Don't know the difference between 'the community' and 'everyone'; hopefully i will gradually learn. Y'all have a nice weekend.

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  • Youre not missing much with facebook or twitter ;) If you click on "Help" in the green banner along the top it tells you how to do everything such as reply to a post, edit and delete etc. Youre doing fine Id say. Robin

  • Either way is fine, but if you look to the left of everyone who commented on your post there is red reply button. I'm glad you found us always happy to help.

    Kim xx

  • If you write a post, scroll down & tick community & what you write will only be available for us to read. If you tick for everyone it will be posted all over the Internet. Hope this helps

  • Here's another reply . Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site and the lovely people on it.

  • I must have missed your arrival Selims so, hello and welcome to the forum. You'll get advice, support, friendship and a few good laughs on here so, make yourself at home. x

  • Selims, if you wish to reply to just one comment then click the Red Reply in the bottom Left of that particular post.

    If you wish to reply to a whole Thread or Topic then just go to the Reply box immediately after the Title post. It will immediately be placed in the correct part of the chain.

    You will have noticed that Replies are staggered as you read down a thread. As some folk reply to the main subject and other folk post replies just to particular points raised.

    If you wish to write to an individual person then you can do this too. Just click on the member's name immediately after their personal icon (which is called an avatar). This will take you straight to that persons Profile page. Here you can read about the member, look back through their old posts, or click on a button to send a Private message.

    The most important thing to remember is Safety. If you create a new post then make sure that you click the Community button. As Jess says, this way only Members can read what you post. If you forget and leave the Everyone button selected then the entire Internet can read your Post and all the replies that you may receive to that post.

    I hope this helps. Remember, like Robin says, there is a good Help option in the Green Banner at the top.

    Kind regards, Rib

  • Hi Selims

    Missed your first post and have just finished reading it. I don't have your condition, but plenty on here do. Just wanted to welcome you to the site.

    You will be amazed how much you will learn.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi Selims, sorry i missed your post. Welcome.

    I would say you are doing ok and others have given you good info re how the site works. Take care Margaret x

  • Hello and welcome Selims,

    Have a good read of people's posts you will learn a lot,that's what I did

    when I joined in April, xxSally

  • Welcome Selims, sorry for delay in reply but have been busy, I visit the site most days but can't always post or reply due to lack of time. But nice to see any new member and hope to talk to you again on the site.

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