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spirometry result

hello everyone! i just got the results of my spirometry. it says:


-spirometry result is of good quality based on standards set by the ATS-ERS

-fev1/fvc = normal

-fvc = normal


-no significant bronchodilator response

-normality of the parameter is based on the Morris-Polgar Equation

normal spirometry results

pls correlate clinically

fev1/fvc% = 76

fev1 pre-rx %pred 94

what does this mean?


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Fev1/fvc is what they use to determine copd.

They say a ratio of 70% or less is copd yours was 76%.

Some say the lower percentile is a better predictor and that is 75% yours is 76%.

Your fev1 was 94% of predicted before the use of a bronchodilator. They say anything less than 80% is abnormal.

The best way to check for copd is a full lung function test not a spirometry what you have performed although it can be a good indicator. Some can have normal spirometry but full lung function gives other values which indicate copd or other diseases.

Its a full lung function test you need to push your gp for.

But good news is your spirometry looks normal.


thank you sooooo much ponkmonster!!! with what u have said, it seems to me that i should not really worry abt it!? god bless my friend!😊


Hi what does a full lung function test constitute please? I have mild/mod copd and never been offered one of these. x


Hello coughalot2. This explains what they involve Youd normally have them in the lung function lab at the hospital but I dont think theyre routinely done for mild/mod COPD unless you have complications or are taken into hospital. Robin

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Very good link to explain all the basic tests Robinelll. Thanks - very helpul.


Oh that's great thank you Robin. x


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