pulmonologist visit

he said i could walk (was wearing oxygen all the time except when sitting) without the oxygen without doing damage as long as i didn't go below 89. he said that was the new benchmark. i was very excited as now i can get up to get a glass of water or fetch something without the oxygen. i've been doing exercises for COPD for two weeks watching youtube and i can see a difference already. i've been diagnosed with stage 4 COPD (emphysema w/chronic bronchitis, chronic respiratory failure and dyspnea) so i was pleasantly surprised at this upturn.

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  • Great news. I'm so glad your feeling the benefit of exercise if does make a difference.

    Kim xx

  • meant to post i've been on this site for two months and am grateful there is such a forum for people to share and be in contact with each other. :)

  • So glad that you are wee bit happier now please carry on with the exercises as you will see a difference in your fittness and health so good luck to you

  • Hi

    I am the same rarely use if just moving from room to room, I also use a breathing technique 'blow to go' you stop to breath in, go or perform task when breathing out.

    Have you been referred for pulmonary rehabilitation which is a two hour, twice a week course for six weeks.

    One hour exercise and one hour education.

    It is geared to you as a individual.

    Don't forget to rest to allow your sats to return to your normal level when at rest.

  • Haven't heard of "blow to go" before, but it's how I do heavier exercises - thanks for that, Stone.

  • not convenient for me to go that's why i looked on youtube for comparable exercises. i've seen what progress can be made with physical therapy so i'm gung ho. :) good suggestion about allowing sats to return to normal.

  • good news jarc, but would be carefull, the oxygen level can drop in minutes, 88-89 is about the threshold. for copd patients.

    i'm on oxygen ,diagnosed similar to yourself, although a nuisance at times, it does help preserve the vital organs , especially the heart.

    best of luck to you though, long may you continue to improve,

    jimmy :)

  • happened today. was walking into a restaurant and because i have a quiet portable concentrator and was talking didn't realize it wasn't on. when i sat down i had dropped to 83. hate it when i do stuff like that as i try to be so careful not to do further damage and then i do that. grrrr.

  • it happened to me jarc, that's why i mentioned it,

    It could have nasty consequences, although very annoying,and I can identify with your grrrr :) [sometimes worse :D ] I do that many times, especially when the tubing gets caught, on door handles, under loose fitting doors etc. almost taking my lugs off :D grrrr if your consultant prescribes oxygen, its best used as prescribed.

    but better still keep up the exercises, you will feel better.

    hope things improve

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • well done you

  • The PR course is not just about exercise its about education I did mine January it was fantastic worth its weight in gold I got so much out of it and because of my back problems they adjusted the exercises for me

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