Hi All - I made it :)

Hi All - I made it :)

I wanted to say thank you for your support and let you all know I am safely home back in Cornwall. It was very hard going as the sun decided to beat down which made it all that bit more uncomfortable so by the end of the race I was sunburnt and puffed up - but what the heck I made it ;) I am no athlete - just an overweight 61 yr old with severe COPD -so of course I could only walk it and it took me 4 hurs 45 minutes (I had barely crossed the Tyne bridge when Mo Farrah had already finished it!). there is so much to say that I will leave it for my next blog and post a link here for anyone who wants to read all about it and see all the pics. That will probably be over the week end as I am still exhausted, not just because of the half marathon, but the 8 hour train journey home yesterday. I had to extend my stay in Newcastle an extra day as I was too exhausted to leave my hotel room let alone drage cases and oxygen on and off trains - but alls well that ends well! I will post a pic or too her .. not the prettiest of pictures - i noticed pursed lip breathing does make us look a bit odd in photo's, LOL!! Many thanks to all for donations and encouragement, Vanessa xxx

PS. I am on the left - and Debbie on the right is a COPD/rehab nurse from the North East who volunteered to walk alongside me and push all the spare oxygen I would need in a wheelchair. It took me 4 Helios Marathon liquid oxygen flasks. Debbie ws surprised to see how i desaturate to 82% even on 6LPM just walking fast. This pic is 'pre race and 'pre sunburn' lol! More to come..

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Congratulations! πŸ†. What a fantastic lady you are! You look absolutely wonderful in the photo. Be very proud of yourself! πŸ’–

Well done ! Glad it all went well for you.

Hi Vanessa, it took me over 2 hours to walk 3 miles on 6 litres of oxygen yesterday and I had nothing left to spare. What you did on Sunday was nothing short of miraculous so very well done you. All that training between Polperro and Looe certainly paid off. :)


Hi Van, you are our hero, what an amazing achievement. Hope your feet are not too blistered. You must rest up now - enough to get back to "normal" anyway. I realised looking at your lovely photos what my daughter meant when she said i look cool using my oxygen. I didn't get it but now do - you look wonderful, so empowered (however exhausted you were at the end) holding up the banner. This may inspire others with copd to do the same next year. Its definitely made me want to walk longer distances. You are a pioneer and should be so very proud of yourself. xxxxx

Thanks all for kind comments.. not being rude not answering but still feel very 'zombied' and pathetic so doing minimum of anything for now :) xx

You look great and indeed you are!Thank you for putting up the photos 😁 huff xxx

Very well done to you Vanessa! You are such an inspiration and a wonderful lady. Well done to Debbie too. Can't wait to hear more and see more photos. Lots of love and hugs to you. xxxxxx

Congratulations, job well done. Rest now.

Well done xx

I can hardly believe it - that's fantastic - good for you!!!! x piggi x

What an amazing achievement and what a remarkable lady! πŸ†

You are an amazing lady vanessa. Very well done. Love Margaret x

Well done Parvati, your marvellous. xxx

YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I cannot even convey to you how wonderful I think you are! Take it easy now xxxxx

well done - where are you in Cornwall - just asking because I am back in Cornwall now and would be great to meet up if we were near - take care xx

Hi Undine - I am in Liskeard, whereabouts are you?

Thanks for all your kind comments - I would just remind you all that I did only walk it - and it took me 4 hours and 45 minutes.. more a matter of blind determination than ability lol!

I don't even know what to say. Simply walking for almost 5 hours is simply amazing and don't think I could have done that before I had COPD let alone now so have no doubt you are exhausted. I think most would have thrown in the towel long before the finish.

Congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself.

Amazing! You do us all proud! Your looking good too! Did that take a lot of training? Would love to hear how you worked up to it. Ruby 😊

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