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does every one that suffers c o p d get like this

had c o p d for a while now but finding it very hard to cope with i was told by the hosp had to get rid of cat because my level of allergies to him was extreamy high devistated but did it but lately i have felt so down and depressed just so unhappy all the time got no energy sleep all day just about stretch my self to have a shower i just feel like running but i cant hardly walk so thats out lol

thanks in advance guys


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Dear Shirley

No wonder you are feeling down at the moment; you have had a great deal to adjust to with your diagnosis and then to have to be without your cat is a heavy loss too. Please keep coming to the site and you will find that most people do adjust in time, they find ways to cope and are happy to share their experiences and also have a laugh too. Look out for Tam's almost daily posts and Velvet is back from her holiday and Vashti will entrance you with her wonderful posts.

Don't worry if you want to let us know of your problems too as there is a wealth of experience between the members of the site.

All good wishes, Pentreath


Hi Shirley, do you have family or friends who could pop in to see you for coffee & chat? Or are there any clubs nearby you could join? Have you a breathe easy class or pulmonary rehab near your home? Any of these things would give you company which I expect you're missing as you had to give up your cat. Come on here & chat to us! Read all the wonderful stories posted everyday by our members. It's nearly as good as having them in the room with you! Hope you feel better soon x


I am feeling just like you today I hope I cheer up tomorrow

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How awful to have to give up your cat, did your allergies calm down as a result?

There are hairless cats that won't cause allergies. I think they have to be kept indoors though.


Hi Shirley, I do feel for you. I too think that my cat is having an affect on me, but hopefully not breathewise. I suffer with eczema at times and can't have a dog at all. (Im more ya cat person anyways). I do fret that I may have to give charlie up but my daughter who lives out back of me takes cats in. so if it comes to that ..... mind just had a thought, I wouldn't be able to go to her house!

Anyways just wanted to say I know how you feel, but welcome to our little corner of the web, happy bunch we are (mostly). Try to stay positive and ask anything you need help with. We all like to chat about anything and everything. Do you knit or sew, have hobbies?



Dear Shirley having to deal with loosing your dear cat is extremely difficult as with dealing with COPD. As well. Do you have friends or Family you could talk with or meet up with. You could also contact the local Hospital to join their rehab meetings they are a great bunch of people and you have this site we are all Family and all have a good ear there might also be someone who lives close from our site you could catch up with. All the best and thinking of you.



I don't know where I would be without my two cats. They help me to live a better life as they have to be cared for. So, it could be that you are missing them sub-consciously more than you know. To be on the safe side maybe you should see Doc to make sure you are infection free. Sorry I am not much help and I do hope you feel better soon.


So sad that you had to get rid of your companion, cats like all animals are sooo therapeutic . As for how you are feeling, that is normal, COPD. is hard to live with, we need all the help we can get, we miss out on so much of life it is terrible to lose something else like our Pet. Be strong for this feeling WILL pass. It,s not what we go through in life it,s how we cope with it......... and you will cope.. God Bless....😊


Hi Shirley I have been down too getting used to having COPD - I kept it too myself which led to my depression - am hoping as Pentreath says to adjust in time



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