Proud of my hubby

Proud of my hubby

Probably shouldn't put this on here ,as it's supposed to be for people with lung conditions ,,,,but I thought I would share yesterday's day with my friends on here .

My hubby was a coal miner for 30 plus years ,,,until the pits closed down ,yesterday our town finally recognised the value of the pits and the miners to our town with a memorial ,I have enclosed a couple of photos .

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You have every right to be proud :-)

Thankyou ,,,,,he looks after me so well ,,,,,so this is my small way of showing how proud of him I am ,and how thankful he is my hubby .

How wonderful! You will be feeling so proud. Absolutely no reason why you shouldn't show us this marvellous achievement. You should be shouting it from the rooftops! Congratulations!

Thankyou ,Jessy1

Many, many years ago I worked as a benefits advisor in South Wales. I specialised in advising older people, many of whom it turned out were widows of miners who had in the vast majority of cases died prematurely from lung disease. It was a very strange job having to observe both the poverty left behind from the strike & the lack of support that widows got alongside some of the most inspiring & impressive people I ever met.

Yes my family were miners in West Wales, and I remember the problems that the anthracite dust many struggled to breathe . I live in an ex mining town in the N E Midlands now ....the pit closures devastated the place at the time.

It's taken until now for our town to recognise how valued our pit was ,the closure was devastating to the miners ,their families ,and the town ,finally they have been recognised with a memorial and 4 great statues,

Funny how ,,,,I the miners wife ,,,,,ends up with Chronic lung disease,,,,,but greatful he has good health ,

its the great thing about this site it doesn't have to be lung related its lovely to see all the different things people put on here , yes its nice to have the help and support of lung issues but don't want it to be all dume and glume , its lovely to see his marvellous achievement and can see why you are so proud is it you or him with the lung issues,

Sadly for me it's me that has chronic lung disease ,,,but so thankful he has good health ,,,,a very quiet ,family loving man who has lived his life for his family ,

I so agree we get to have useful advise on hear ,but it's nice to see something else that defines the people we are ,,,,,and not just our illness.

My father worked in the pits, ended up with emphysemia. Windsor Colliery.

My son has COPD. I know the problems that many people have.

Take care of yourself.

Thankyou vivante,

Thank you for sharing this with us, you must be so proud and rightly so! It's a lovely medal and a Memorial is a great honour!

huff xxx

Thanks huff ,I am very proud of him ,and we had a lovely day ,

You are right to feel proud, especially as mining seems like it's going to be consigned to the past. They did a vital and dangerous job and deserves to be recognised. It's a lovely medal. xx

Thankyou ,it was an emotional day

You should be proud. It is a very hard and dangerous job. My grandad died in a pit when a pit prop hit him, my great grandad died at the age of 42 from mining related lung disease and my great great grandad was a plate layer on the mine railway. He died after being run over by a train.

Please note I haven't put LIKE on your post ,I don't think that would be applicable ,your family has been through so much tragedy , big respect to you and your heritage ,

Thank you so much.

Yes you should be proud of him and yes you are entitled to put it on I myself is a ex miner so I am proud of you nani

No reason why you shouldn't put it on here, nice to hear about other peoples lives, as well as finding help with various problems. You should be very proud of your dear Husband, my Dad was a miner for a long time after serving in the regular army during the second world war. He died of emphysema just after his sixtieth birthday. A great loss ,so early, after serving his country in both roles.

Take care,


No like for you in your box ,it wouldn't be appropriate ,yes I am proud of my hubby ,so sad to hear about your father ,served his country through the war ,then worked in another dark place ,big respect to him and your family ,

My father applied to join the army, he was refused and told he was doing an important job, digging coal. Do you remember Senghenydd and what happened there? I think back now and remember so much. He loved football, someone from Aston Villa wanted him to join them as a goalkeeper, he refused, he said he earned more money as a miner than he would have playing football. Makes you think now.

Too all of you, keep as well as possible

Fantastic about time people who worked hard to keep industry and houses running for decades be recognised usually it's only emergency services that get recognised .

Thank you ,I agree with you ,those men who worked in dark damp places have finally been recognised in our town ,

When you consider how so many of the miners were affected by lung disease, this is a highly appropriate place to show the lovely medal. The miners were and still are, true working class heroes.

Congratulations to your hubby, and to you, for being such a kind, loving, supportive wife.

thank you I have passed on your congrats to my hubby ,,yes the miners were true working class heroes ,,,,,he worked in the pit over 30 years ,,,,,,and I'm the one with chronic lung disease,,,,,ironic isn't it ,

How wonderful,you must be both so proud.So lovely that he got the recognition,well deserved after all those hard years.

I am sure you looked after him well too,so you can share it!

Hugs to you both,Wen xxxx

Thankyou ,he takes great care of me ,I must point out ,,,,, it wasn't just him who got the award ,many of ex miners got one .

Congratulations to your hubby you must be so proud. I think it is the perfect thing to put on here! Xx

Something too be proud of. Thank you. I have my father's football medals and my grandparents medals they received for war service.

Thankyou everyone ,I appreciate your kind words ,and I hope you all keep well.

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