So struggling to stop smoking. At my age late 50's I always worry that I will end up with cancer giving If I give it up

So struggling to stop smoking. At my age late 50's I always worry that I will end up with cancer giving up I was told it would be a shock to my body and would end up with Cancer, I feel like a 2 yr old if I know family are visiting I go into the garden for a smoke. I have tried everything and still I am smoking...I go to the smoking clinic I don't know why they have not given up on me. I so need help. I spend a lot of time on my own at home. And when on my own I smoke 1 after the other. I have anorexia so no appetite and eat very little and drink lots of strong coffee....

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  • U sound like me,yes it's very stressful, I know exactly how u feel and how you are struggling, time and patients are crucial,try not to let people put pressure on you,it can be very black and white, you are correct to a point ,I've tried for years,the addiction is a real problem,when I've stopped I feel the protection is gone,feel open to more germs and unstable, 48 yrs I had been smoking,surely my body could not cope with that ,so take your time ,try to use your wisdom as how to cut down, not say too much to others,so u don't get the added pressure,I've learnt that,some people never smoked,they will never know,it's your body you listen to it,do what you need to do.i don't eat and drink strong coffee,so what!! A bit of what you enjoy balances out what you don't enjoy, so get on and enjoy your life,

  • Hi Coulours I just cannot give these things up. I so hate smoking yet I am puffing one after the other.

  • How about VAPE less harmful,I do vape if need be,as you are getting the nicotine so your body won't be so upset,you need to take some different action soon as you don't like it ,your make yourself sick ,then hopefully your stop.

  • It really does make sense to give up the weed but a different story actually doing it! It's an addiction & you really need to WANT to give up for it to succeed. It does take a lot of willpower but there are plenty of aids out there to help you on the road to being a non smoker. If you are serious about giving up then visit your GP or pharmacist for advice. Good luck, hope you succeed!

  • Hi Magg1_1. Like you have found it difficult to stop smoking, have tried every method and product with no result and have smoked for 57 years. However this weekend my daughter gave me a product and she stopped smoking the moment she started using it and I started with it yesterday and have not had a cigarette or wanted one. It is a E cigarette or I think overseas you call them a vape - I had tried this once before and didn't like it but the one I have now is and eGo brand and it is working.

    I am so surprised that I have had 24 hours smokefree after all these years without feeling stressed or desperate to have a cigarette. I know I am still getting nicotine but you can gradually use a lower does when you feel like it - at least you don't have the other chemicals going into your lungs.

  • You might find the Quit Support group here on health unlocked helpful. Just type smoking in the search box at the top of the page and you should find it. Good luck, monkey

  • i used a tablet that i received from stop. It was recommended by the GP. I stopped straight away. I did want to stop as i had had throat trouble. The consultant gave me 2 months to stop as he couldn't see my voice box . He asked me if i suffered with reflux , i answered yes , well smoking is a big cause of that. I did it , i smoked for 46 yrs. and i have not missed them at all.

    My throat was clear no sign of cancer. Now i am just left with Emphysema which i believe is mild and will get worse as i grow old .

    I keep on the go and help my children and grandchildren . I look after my great grandchildren so that their mother and father can both work. Its only part time i can cope with that.

    So i wish you good luck but if you cann't stop then use the Ecigs if that is the only way.

    Sending you hugs.


  • I know how you feel I stopped smoking in July 2014 after a lot of years trying I used the evod ecig and I still use it x

  • Hi Bless

    What stage copd are you? Don't remember reading your profile.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Severe copd x

  • I hope for your sake that you do stop.Give yourself a chance to live longer and to feel better. No-one has ever died from stopping smoking but there have been many people whose lives were made shorter because they carried on smoking .....

    It's your choice.

    Change the way you are thinking about it.Love yourself enough to stop poisoning yourself.

    If I hadn't stopped I wouldn't be here now. So good luck, get more help.

    huff xxx

  • You certainly won't get cancer because you STOP smoking, but you could well get it if you KEEP ON! I smoked for 40 years and had no intentions of quitting until a GP told me that I'd probably be in a wheelchair before I was 60! It wasn't easy, but I did it...and if I can do it, anyone can as I was a complete addict. I think what you have to ask yourself is......"Do I want to live this kind of life, full of worry, being antisocial, smelling of smoke and spending a fortune on something that will probably kill me?" Or " would I rather be free from this awful habit, looking forward to a healthier future with family and friends, with money in my pocket and feeling good about myselff?" No contest!

  • Magg, when you get the urge to have one start walking in your home, around your home or down the street and just keep walking till the urge goes away.

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