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Covid supplementary treatment: Citirizine

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After shielding for 2 years and 4 jabs, I caught covid at the end of April. I was so achy and exhausted for a month I could barely move. I didn’t qualify for anti-virals.

My breathing was about under control as my Resp Consultant had warned me to go on Prednisilone straight away(plus zopiclone so I can sleep) and antibiotics. I also used saline, salbutamol and Atrovent nebs, and my Airphysio to clear my lungs. A friend’s GP had recommended taking Citirizine, an anti-histamine so I agreed that with my own GP too. It seems that the body’s immune system over-reacts and that is what causes the exhaustion etc. I’ve had a milder form of this after-effect from normal chest infections as well so I’ve learned something useful. Of course I don’t know for sure whether I would have recovered as quickly without it but it seems to help

I am starting to feel better so I m sharing this info in case anyone else is struggling. I’m just glad I only caught Omicron and after 4 jabs.

Stay safe!

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I'm pleased it helped and you now feel better. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Thank you for sharing that information with us and pleased you are doing much better. Xxx

Thank you for sharing this - it’s very interesting as I’ve got my cat taking it as his immune system goes into overdrive with allergy. Cetirizine as Antihistamine has very few counter indications and is thought generally harmless . So glad it seems to have worked for you.

Hi, it does seem a raw deal to get covid after 4 jabs, shielding and then a month of feeling very poorly . Glad you're on the mend at last but do take it easy wont you & if I were you I'd be taking loads of vitamins to help rebuild the immune system. Take care. P

PS interesting about the cetirizine, I'll tell my daughter who's recovering from covid.

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Catsncrochet in reply to peege

Yes, I take Vitimin D anyway (osteoporosis from steroids) plus Vit C and zinc. x

So sorry to hear it finally ambushed you. Hope you get well very soon, and thanks for all the useful advice.

I hope you continue to feel better and back to normal again soon. Sometimes these bugs bring us down and it's difficult to get back upto where we was before afterwards. Take care . Brian

Thanks for the info x

Very heavy duty antihistamines are one of the treatments used in Long Covid, to try to get inflammation under control.

Thank you for the advice.

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