Black mornings

Goodmorning all

I lie in bed contemplating getting up, even Jack & Gill are still with least they aren't bringing me little gifts. Lol

Had a beautiful day yesterday so I am hoping for the same today.

Would be lovely to sit out in the garden, not done much of that this year..

Anyhow good morning all hope you all have a good day and keep well.

Etch45 xxx

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  • Hope you also have a good day xx

  • Thank you Lyn I hope to, going out in the car and just drive.......

    love etch45

  • Hi Etch!,Sitting out in the garden,enjoying our warm sunshine,spring here don't want to make you jealous,lol!

    Hope you get a bit of an Indian summer eventually,enjoy your day,

    hugs Wens xxx

  • Stop bragging Wendells. hahaha Its blooming freezing here at the moment. Can only get better..... I hope. Etch45, stay warm. Gerald. xxx

  • Feeling very put out....... we have been told about an Indian summer, will be in the south as usual, not that I'm

    We have a little sun trying to say hello to Carlisle.

    Enjoy your day Wens.

    Love etch45

  • Sunny here so must get up soon , may help my mum in her garden, with oxygen tank on , lots of rest stops , I should be ok, enjoy your day x

  • morning all, now that i've got most of this "gunk" up, did my meds, nebs, carer= been and gone.

    just going to sneak outside,:) sit in the chair with my long oxygen lead, perfect morning here in the lothians,clear blue skies. near edinburgh

    missed "oor tam" this morning :)

    regards jimmy xxx :)

  • Good Morning.

    Its lovely here in Bournemouth.

    I was just contemplating garden sitting!

    Lets give it a go.

    😊 Ann

  • Good morning, why not sit out if it is warm enough, I am going to after breakfast, not windy today so seems much warmer (West Midlands)

    Enjoy your day.

    take care

    polly xx

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