Bangkok hospital pattaya Thailand.

You've got copd ..

Er what's that doc...

She writes it down for me and then asks if I want to see the lung consulted.

Why yes I do... I could tell by the look on her face that I should be very worried.

I was taken to another room and sat there for a min or two...

In comes the doc on face sat down and go's on to tell me that the tests showed that I had COPD.

Yes I know doctor can you tell me what it's about and is it bad....

Well there's the good news and there the bad news...

Well of course doctor give the bad first ( that's what we would all say right)

The bad is that your about 50..50.

And the good news doc.. what's that??

The good news is that your about 50..50.

Well forgive for sounding so stupid folks but I went on to ask 50..50 of what doc..


I don't remember how long it was before I said ...and what was the good news doc.???

Doctor special consult.... reply was...The good news... you still got 50 about 50 % of your lungs still good.

I know by now you probably looking round the room for the hidden camera.

I have been back and paid good money just so I could look at him again.

It actually makes me happy to look at him.


I love you to people X

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Should've asked them if they could remove the "bad" 50%, then you would have only 100% "good" left? Lol.

Bit worried joke. Com would the remove the good 50% after what I had been saying to him.


You will be fine: You said your FEV1 has already gone up to 76% in the 3 months you stopped the cigs. Living in that beautiful place of yours seems a sure remedy for a long life.

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