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Feeling high

This time yesterday I was feeling very low as have been the past 3 months.

I'm not very good when things don't go the I think they should. dieing before I'm ready to die and getting things that I don't want like incurable things that want to kill me.

I woke up this morning for some reason feeling more like my old self. My children nanny, my girlfriend ( same person ) and in 8 weeks will be a mother herself. ..had just come back from taking the children to school. She brought me up a nice cup of tea.

I talked to her about the people who sent me messages and talked to me. And how much it had helped me rethink things....and of course apologised on my behaviour to her and children.

Confused.......about 50%

Confused. .....below 50%

Confused. ....about 70%

Today ....doc how about you just tell me exactly what... okay...72.8%

Ok I can live with that.

Thanks for you help people😚

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That's what we're all here for! We all have problems & worries. You may have heard the old saying ' a problem shared is a problem halved ' 😀 Its very true! Have a good day 💐

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Sounds a good reading to me. I could live with that very happily. :)


we've all been there wederburn, at least i have,

lets hope/pray things improve,

jimmy :)


Glad to hear that you're feeling more like your old self today. It's much better to share your worries rather than keeping them all bottled up. Hope you feel a little better each day.😊


Hi Magpuss, it's 12.30am that's 6 hours ahead of you.

Still could not I went out and done some watering for my flowers...I just took a sleeping pill as I need to sleep. ..its was a very long day but good one. Am still feeling a bit light headed. .what a nightmare. ...saw the lung doc again he confirmed to me that my test my was at 72.8%. Now I was on only mild copd. I think there chance for me and the boys to stay together.....sleep coming on. Take children to school and stay on beach with my new love.

Good night and sleep good. 😪


Good to hear that it's mild copd, that's the same as me. I'm not worrying over it, worry never makes anything any better - it just makes you feel worse, then it's too easy for things to get you down. A day on the beach sounds wonderful, I haven't been on a beach for 12 years. I look after my disabled son but I don't drive and I wouldn't be able to cope with his wheelchair and walking frame as well as luggage, so we've not been on holiday since my husband died, it would just be too much trouble.

Don't know why you have sleep problems, perhaps it's just worry - if so, try and stop it, you'd be better off without sleeping tablets but you do need to sleep well, we all do.😴


Hi magpuss, I did go to the beach after taking children to school.

It was very beautiful. . And nice to be alone with girlfriend. .first time ever without the children with me.. you know I felt a bit guilty.

I might do it again tomorrow. ...he he.



Good to hear you sounding so much more positive.


That's good that you are feeling better. We all need to share our worries at some point. Take care xx


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