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Large Scotch

Gerry walked into a bar and says to the barman a large scotch please !

The barman asks, "What's the matter Gerry you don’t normally drink scotch?"

Gerry says, "I found out my brother is gay and marrying my best friend."

The next day Gerry is back in the pub and asks for scotch.

The barman asks, "What's wrong this time?"

Gerry says, "I found out that my son is gay."

“Blimey” says the barmen, “Doesn't anyone in your family like women?"

Gerry knocks back his scotch and says, "Apparently my wife does."

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Nice one Romfty. nothing like a good laugh to get us going in the morning. XX :-D


Nice one Romfty. That'll be my party joke tomorrow !



very good ha,ha thank you xx


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