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Chronic Lung Disease & Performance / Chronic Undernutriction

Chronic Lung Disease & Performance / Chronic Undernutriction

Talking about physiology with relation to my battle with Chronic Lung Disease.

It is no secret Lung Disease Suffers ... Suffer from wasting I.e Sarcopenia & Cachexia what ever your CHRONIC ILLNESS may be.

Not that you will here your doctor ever talk about such things MAINLY because the not suffering from it or the just not interested or the not brave enough to admit they know squat.

Anyway I have had bucket list of problem's that as resulted in me losing weight I was 75 kg but since I have had problems with Antibiotics & Irritable Bowls Syndrome colon problems my weight dropped to 68kg.

I don't propose letting it drop any further SO I am doing Some research Experiments with regard Hyperbolic MASS weight gainer as it's lot better than baby food and or complan

CHRONIC ILLNESS like (COPD) can result in cachexia & saropenia ... characterised as poor nutrition with loss of muscle mass which is very bad as we need muscle mass to breath.

Personally I think IBS and The Colon are responsible for my issues and poor nutritional replenishment resulting in my wasting.

It is well known the use of anabolic hormones & amino acids as found in foods and some weight gainer can help the body to recover muscle.

It's a process that is very convoluted talking into account Oxygen Saturation Muscle Mass BMI ETc

According to some research and my own supplementation & excersise I can say I have seen improvements my muscle mass and strength and my weight is 70kg and that's not bad in 7 days.

I have done this post as Chronic Illnesses such as COPD & chronic undernutrition (UN) remain poorly understood and affects us all.

So I would hope that BLF could expand on COPD & Chronic Undernutricon

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D3NIS,Hi you forgot ,if you are weak from your muscles.start with 3 or 10 pound weights.I only weigh 115 pounds.But I keep doing my muscle exercises and walk on the treadmill. Maybe 10minutes sometimes less sometimes more.Then an angel put out this link the other day.This is a milk shake.1090 calories. Don't drink it all at will be bloated! 1\2 cup. Heavy whipping cream ,3Tablespoons chocolate syrup , 3Tablespoons peanut butter , 1 1\2 cups chocolate ice cream. Tastes like a Reese peanut butter cup candy! If you don't like chocolate, use your imagination .Just don't forget the heavy whipping cream and peanut butter. Good Luck . Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks we will feel Normal(?) !! Xx Gold13


Sounds scrummy.

Sounds really good but I am also diabetic.

Hi gold13 Cheers would defo be nice to feel normal GLAD ya keeping active and having ya shakes :)

Thanks for recipe IF I get run out of me muscle stuff all try and remember ingredients give it a go ;)

PS. ,sorry.I also have IBS and. GERD.lots of fun at my house at supper time.I'm being facicious. LOL


I am a little to the other end at the moment as I only can do a little, I am eating more than my body can burn. Exercise is a no no for me but I do do callenetics which helps me no end and I have very good flexibility ( Arthritis/Gout allowing ) But the negative side to this is I have a very painful shoulder that is lower than the other now? Went to the GP who said I have no problem as I am so flexible?

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Hi offcuts thanks for comment defo know what you mean about dropped shoulder seems a common theme with asbestos suffers.

Did you know gout if caused by your lynthatic system backing up THINK you might benefit from a rocking chair.

I to have dropped shoulder LOOKs mad like it's going to slide fall off YET what do doc's say nothing ... O apart from you being fixable :)

Here's is link :o have to read past horrid stuff to what the say about hyperbolic mass gainer supplements.

One as to ask if the know it helps why don't they do out OR have I answered my own question there.

Anyway nice to see ya fella keep well ;)

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Hi offcuts great link am sure we have talked about asbestos and RA before

Defo have to get me self some of them of my doc he as said I suffer RA ... My lung doc's are up the with the fairies when it comes to occupational diseases

They have brain washed them self with smoking then if it's not that o be all the drinking nothing about pollution occupations

They confirmed I have Chronic Gout but the RA has not shown up on the tests but the vit d deficiency did. Even though my Gout showed up on my Xray on my foot, my GP still would not agree as it was not swollen? But does treat my foot for Gout?

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Its a mad world offcuts ... how can he say you don't have RA when vitamin d defancy is strongly linked to it

Does show that the inflammatory side of RA can be affected by Vit D loss by not getting inflamed. which could be linked wuth why the gout does not swell?

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Is all very confusing defo could get lost in it all .. Ya start of with one issue that causes others and on and on it go's

Defo think your on the money there but when you try convince doctors the look at you like a loon and will not accept new research findings

It's like the stuck in old way of thinking time

If IBS has been diagnosed, consider asking to be referred to a dietitian for a FODMAP diet. The dietitian will also be able to advise on other strategies for improving weight.

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Hi Eregendal I have been referd to GI & Liver people over it my doc give me some IBS pills to try as the was some suffering up till I get appointmeant.

When doc pressed my guts colon nearly jumped of bed .. Defo is a pain a think might be wind or antibiotics could even be spleen if was appendix tho pain would be constant.

Guess all just have to wait and see

Hoping all goes well for you with the GI and Liver people, D3nis, and they get to the bottom of it.

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Cheers thanks Eregendal ;)

Thanks for drawing attention to this issue of chronic weight loss. My husband has COPD and irritable bowel. He has no appetite and is now less than 59 kilos at 5ft 11". He has had constant infections with SOB and has taken 2 kinds of antibiotics neither of which has worked. A scan showed mucous plugs so he was prescribed Carbocysteine 5 weeks ago and now he produces large quantities of mucous.

The weight loss really worries me and it's difficult to do anything about it if he just doesn't feel like eating.

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Hi Cor1N787 So sorry to hear about ya fella .. He must try and eat I would try him on them shakes like a take.

Am sure it will do him more good than harm

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Thanks D3NIS. Not sure he'd tolerate them with his IBS. Might try buying some in ready mixed drinks before buying a big jar as I don't need to gain weight it if he won't use it! It's interesting that lots of advice on weight gain is based on milk and dairy products which of course is said to encourage mucous growth. You just can't win.

I looked at the Fodmap diet suggested by eregendal (see above) and a lot of the banned foods are the ones he likes.

Let us know how you get on and all the best.

Hi Cor1n787 We do need mucus in order to cough shit up it's when you can't cough stuff up you get colonised

Is a pain finding balance

My oldest daughter has malabsorption due to Short Bowel Syndrome. She lost 3 kilos and is finding it very hard to put weight on. She also has Asthma.

The doctor arranged blood tests, to find out which nutrients she is lacking. In her case she was found to be anemic and lacking in Vitamin B and folic acid. I can't remember which B vitamin it was.

The anemia is slowly going, the rest is a wait and see situation. It would be well worth asking for a blood test if you cannot put weight on.


Hi Azura_Sky As your kid tried stuff like this am taking that Is processed quicker than your body can expel it ALSO is full of vital vitamins B6 etc

My docs have done quite a few blood test am sure the put my abnormal blood cells down to my lung diseases so look no further.

Interesting post, D. Please keep us informed of progress.


Hi Toci Nice to see ya cheers and thanks ... will do ;)

My partner has no real health problems but chronic back and neck pain from disc problems - really bad the x-ray made me feel sick to see the discs sticking out - just as well I don't often cuff him around the ear! LOL! He manages to do a work out and is keeping his weight stable but grumbles about muscle loss - at 72 I suppose that is going to happen. As a Physical training Instructor and footballer he had good leg muscles - in his prime he had to have trousers 'specially made as his calves and thighs were so large. Now he grumbles they are so small - still looks good in summer in shorts but now evenI notice how much skinnier his legs are starting to look. Any ideas to help him there - he does do exercise for leg muscles despite a bad knee and new hip and probably having to have another hip in the next few years. Don't suppose there is as this is what old age means. Saw a piece in the Daily Mail Health a few Tuesdays ago and meant to buy the paper but forgot saying how women over 45 seem to have vanishing bums - now i have seen this in men but in very few women - and that includes me my bum continues to be the same whatever I weigh he hehe!

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Hi Freefaller with is age our bodies can not process nutrients proper like you say ageing process ... If he is eating ok I would try the shakes as the absorb quicker ALSO he might be working out to much and using heavy weights and that is eating into is muscle

he needs to relax and not go so mad sounds like he only needs to tone what he as so can afford to take it easy

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Ah well having been a PT instructor in the military he probably does do too much. Bless him. He does eat well and other than having arthritis in hands and feet and an enlarged prostate is in good health back, neck and knee pain not withstanding. I actually have to stop him working for too long in the garden as he just doesn't know when to stop. Thanks for the advice.

Its a steroid - if you are on other steroids (Seretide?) you need to check with your GP.

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Hi Timberman Cheers Your quite Right BUT this a lot of women with no or defective ovaries so have stoped producing Testosterone on quite a grand scale.

Testosterone is a 19-carbon steroid hormone produced primarily by the Leydig cells of the testes (in men) and the ovaries (in women)

Smaller amounts are produced in the adrenal glands of both sexe's

But I do defo agree about discussing any supplements with your doctor gp first


My daughter has to take testosterone. She has had a hysterectomy and her ovaries removed.

My youngest girl has hair growing on her face and elsewhere. She is being tested for ovarian cancer.

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Hi Azura Sky so sorry to read about your kids is shocking what can can happen to us .. I do hope the getting answers of the docs and responding well to treatment.

Best wishes and thinking of you and your kids at this trying time x

Thank you. I forgot to add they both have asthma.

Hi am so sorry it must be so trying a do hope things improve for you and your girls.

Wishing you all well Denis

Ok but theEXERCISE is a big problem when you can't breath!

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Hi Arkwrighttarka10 your quite right as some times I can't even get up my stairs in my house or bend down with out geting out of breath

Any form of excersise no mater how small is good for us EVEN if it's just sat in rocking chair rocking.

All helps our lynthatic system and builds up exercise tolerance

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