I was recently prescribed a Nebuliser by Harefield Hospital. I tried it 3 times and had a bad reaction. 125 pulse rate, oxygen decreasing and swollen feet. Felt terrible. I did question this latest treatment because as well as Severe COPD I also suffer with Severe PH. I stopped using it and checked with the COPD Nurse who agreed with me. I guess for some people it is successful. Anybody else had this problem?

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  • I have one at home and use it once in a while. I've never had any problems or reactions.

  • Hi, I am sorry you had a bad experience with your nebuliser. Last time I was in hospital I was given nebulised salbutamol through oxygen and my SATS went down ...the alarm bells were ringing on the oximeter but I felt fine.

    I find if I breathe too fast or too deep when using my home nebulise I can get lightheaded and panicky sometimes. I only use mine in an emergency though.

    Do use use a spacer with your inhalers ...they can be very effective

  • I do use a spacer with the salbutamol.

  • Have never heard of it but anything possible I guess.

  • Hmm, both my Doctor and Consultant are against "Home " Nebulisers - they recon they do much the same as a few blasts on a Salbutamol , Inhaler, such as , five presses, followed by three presses and finally two , they make the point that by just using a home Nebuliser when you feel short of breath, COULD mask other problems , that could " Cover up " a more serious problem such as inflammation of the lungs which really needs to be checked out at Hospital, although, having said that with FIFTEEN emergency admissions to A@E over five years, a Nebuliser is the very thing they have started me off on ! , THEN followed by X RAYS and blood tests, etc , so they have their place in sorting out this wretched disease !! ...-k Good Luck !

  • My husband has a nebuliser at home which we use mainly in emergencies or when he has an exacerbation. He actually doesn't much like using it - his heart rate definitely increases, he shakes and gets cramps. But it helps his breathing. Its a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea! Take care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • I use a nebuliser and in fact have three one upstairs one down and a portable one for my handbag.

    I have Broncheichestis and my symptoms sometimes come on extremely quickly, I need the Neb straight away.

    A few years ago I collapsed in the local shopping centre and was treated by local NHS walk in centre before beign taken to hospital.

    My consultant told me that in some instances the hand heald ventolin inhaler does not work as particles are too large to get into lungs when airway is narrowed so the finer mist of nebuliser is better,

    Not sure abut this but my Nebuliser is a bit of assurance in an emergency, and yes because of the large dose of ventolin it does make the heart race.

    Hope this helps a little.

  • Many thanks to everyone who responded regarding nebulisers. I don't even use the salbutamol inhaler now and feel better. Maybe I am just one of those people that salbutamol does not agree with. I just stick with Spiriva and Symbicourt. My COPD Nurse is talking about trying a new preventer inhaler that starts with a B ...Bicknell or something?



  • I have the same reaction as you to the neb using salbutamol. If the new one they are going to try is Bricanyl I have to warn you this was MUCH worse for me and resulted in my sats dropping from 84 to 59!

  • Hi

    Thanks so much for the warning! If I get it, I suppose I ought to give it a try but as I am on 1/2 litre of oxygen, I don't think my old bones could take such a dramatic oxygen drop. I'll let you know how I get on.



  • Yes Malinka I am not able to use nebuliser unless the paramedics bring it with them when I need rescuing in the middle of the night!!! They use sambutomol I have tried in Hospital to use the saline solutions and I get worse when I do. They don't work for everyone with our condition.

  • my nurse said that its not good to have a nebuliser at home a you tend to use it too often, and she said while I use a spacer if need be to put five to ten doses of ventolin it has the same results.

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