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Hi im new to the site and was wondering if you could give me some advice.

I have been having breathing difficulties for the past year my gp just kept giving me different tablets to try as i have acid in my stomach and throat this year i had had enough and demanded to see a consultant. My gp did three different tests on me and the results came back that my lungs are functioning as a 71 year old im 46. She referred me to see the consultant and he seemed to have no time for me hardly listened to anything i said and told me it was probably asthma. My husband told him that he thought that i stopped breathing for short times in the night so am having a sleep apnea test at the end of this month and hes put me on a symbicort inhaler for twelve weeks and discharged me. Can someone tell me if it sounds like ive got COPD or if they have encountered the same problems

Thanks lisa

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  • Hi have you ever had a spirometry test done? This measures your lung capacity and can help to determine if copd is present. It can be difficult in the early stages to distinguise between asthma and copd and I have both.

    From what you have said it sounds like copd especially if you are or have been a smoker. You should be having a preventative inhaler such as symbicort to open your airways and a reliever inhaler like ventolin to use as and when needed. You should also get at least an annual review with a respiratory nurse usually at your surgery. On diagnosis a chest x-ray should be done.

    I would make an appointment to see your GP to clarify the situation. Also if you are in the UK you can ring BLF as they have trained nurses there to answer questions. The number is under the red balloon on this page. They can also send you out loads of bumph on lung diseases.

    You will also find lots of information on the NHS site so google that. Only stick to recognised sites otherwise you can scare yourself silly,

    Lastly stay with us here as between us we are a mine of information about every lung disease under the sun. We are a friendly bunch and will do our best to help and support you. x

  • Hi yes had the spirometry test done twice once early last year then again this year and it had deteriorated my gp was very concerned so thats why she referred me to see a chest specialist but he wasnt cery interested in my symptoms and is not 100% sure its asthma hence the symbicort inhaler for twelve weeks then if im still no better my gp has to refer me back to see him. I have other symptoms servere cough where i start choking and bawking like im going to be sick and im constantly bringing up mucus i smoke at the moment but have cut down and trying to give up on gps advice but was told not yo go cold turkey. Thank you so much for your advice im so tired of feeling ill and breathless all the time as i used to lead a very active life. Its nice to be able to talk to other people with out them asking me what ive been doing to be so out of breathe even just laid in bed im breathless.

    Lisa x

  • Hello, it sounds as though you've a good GP there - half the battle.

    There are other things besides asthma and COPD so just keep going back to get to the bottom of it. It may take time but you'll get there.

    Just look up "how to use Symbicort" on YouTube to ensure you're taking it correctly. Also, 'huffing technique' to help bring up the mucus and 'pursed lip breathing' for if you're short of breath.

    Have they taken a blood test for Alpha 1 deficiency?

    All the best to you & as Coughalot says, a call to the help line could be a good move. 03000030555 office hours.

  • Well smoking will make your worse so well done for cutting down. There is a Quit site on here. Just go into My Communities at the top of the page and then browse other communities. x

  • I'd go see a different consultant. They should be doing some lung function test.

  • Ive had a spirometry test with reversability an ecg, xrays and bloods.x ray was clear, ecg was fine bloods was fine my gp thinks its copd but consultant doesnt know yet hence the try symbicort inhaler to see if it improves then go back to gp for another referral if it doesnt x

  • I so heartily agree with everything coughalot2 has said ,,,,the first and most important thing to do is ,,,,stop smoking COMPLETLY ,,,,,if you continue to smoke ,,,,you can have all the tests in the world done ,,,,and have lots of different inhalers and medication ,,,,,but unless you STOP,,,,,,you will not feel much better ,,,,,

    I was blue lighted into hospital ICU some years ago with an Asthma attack ( scary ) the next thing I remember is the consultant asking me if I smoked ,I said yes ,my husband said ,,,,,,,,Not now she dosent !,,,,,,,good he said they are killers ,,,,,,on my return from hospital ,,,,,a comment my husband made was ,,,,,those doctors and nurses worked 24 hours a day to keep you alive ,,,,,,,if you start smoking again ,,,,all their work will be for nothing ,,,,,I think like this ,,,,,,how can I ask for their help when I'm feeling ill ,,,and in need of specialised help in hospital ,,,,and continue to smoke ,,,,they must think

    " WHY DO WE BOTHER " ,,,,,,,,I never had another ciggerette ,,,,,,

    I wish you good luck ,,,,,take care ,,,and give up the fags,

  • Thank you i have cut down loads and am hoping to finally quit by weekend i know the final stages of quitting are hard but im determined to do it so thank you again for your kind advice x

  • Well done ,,,I gave up in 1992 I'm now 69 ,,,,,I honestly think if I'd carried on i wouldn't be here today ,

    Best wishes ,

  • Am sure if you ask your GP he will prescribe patches or something to help you as you are so ill. Please give up you will be so glad you did.

  • Im goin to the no smoking clinic at our surgery on Monday thank you so much for your concern and i will let you know how i get on x

  • What are you taking/doing for the acid reflux?

    And ask surgery for a copy of your spiro results. Then post up the numbers here for fev1 FVC & fev1/fvc.

  • Hi im taking Lansoprazole 30mg twice a day for my acid and i will ring them and ask as not seeing my gp for another 8 weeks

  • Hi Lisa - the receptionist can sort you a copy, but she may need the GP's permission - but they HAVE to let you have it, it's your right.

    The Lansoprazole should control it. Is it one in the morning & one last thing with water half hour before bed, nothing else to eat after? What are the acid symptoms you're getting?

  • Hi lisa sound prettmuch the same as me im on symbicort 400'12 inhailer and sabutamol inhailer and uniphylin tablets . For acid I was given lansaprozole capsules .iwas diagnosed asthma and copd after a long consultaion . Im still trying to find the cause. Dave

  • Hi Dave im now on a fostair inhaler, spiriva and salbutamol as the symbicort was giving me bad headaches, it has took my gp over a year and a half to give me a diagnosis as they kept telling me it was to do with my acid reflux but i kept pushing them for answers and eventually got one lol. I got for an assesment on the 18 for Plumonary rehab then will get a date to start the course if you havent already asked your gp then ask them to refer you apparently it really helps with your breathing diet excersise etc. have you got mild copd or servere Dave. I have very bad days then good days but feel quite low alot of the time. I have mild copd and my aim is to quit smoking. If you want to chat just message me be nice to talk to someone going through same thing as me in the same area.

    Lisa x

  • Hi lisa myspecialist as retired get someone new next month my days are more bad than good when ever I ask for a cause they just wanted to know if it was for a claim .I get down quite a bit .get tired just walking .started as asthma when I got a job in a bakery. Had the odd attack then about 4 years ago got refered did spiromoetary got told lung capacity down 75 percent. Hopefully get some answers. im on uniphylin tablets and montelucast they seem to help

  • Hi Dave lets hope your new consultant is better, i just keep getting told cause of mine is smoking but not entirely convinced of this as i used to get alot of chest infections when i was younger and had plurasy twice, i am always breathless even sat down not doing anything its really annoying and frustrating. The weather at the moment is not helping but dont want to use the car just to go to the local shops when its a five minute walk but by time i get there i have had to use my inhaler twice and same on way back. Im constantly tired dont sleep much on a night then go all day trying to do my chores then cook tea lol. Where abouts in hull are you im in east hull.

    Lisa x

  • Hi lisa I go for short walks to the shop .only round corner . The wife always tell me to go in the car.but it get you down not been able to.walk far .I have a nebuliser which I use 4times a day that helps bought a portable one to use when im out .

    Im in west hull . Take care.will let you know how I get on with new specialist .dave

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