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Stuffy Nose

My 7 year old boy has a really stuffy nose, mainly at night and can't really sleep peacefully. Not sure what it is, doctor has given citirizine to cure Heyfever but does not seems to work. He does not sneeze often, his eyes don't seem to water, it's just his nose, so not sure if he has something else with hayfever!, Left windows open a couple of nights and he seemed to breath better so thought it's probably something to do with humidity but tonight he is complete blocked up and keeping the window open does not help. Gave him some otrivine as that is the only medicine that seems to open his nose but he gets nose bleeds in morning. I can't get a doctors appointment for another month and am really concerned as my little bud is suffering. Wonder if I am over reacting as am a single father and worry abit too much. Any advise is very much appriciated. Thanks

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Hi it's best to see a dr especially with children. In the meantime have a chat with your pharmacist. There are non-medicated saline nasal rinses (this is like a wash for the nasal passages where about 150 mL of saline water gets flushed through the nasal passages, so not to be confused with a nasal spray) available. There are some extra gentle ones for children and that can greatly help with washing away allergens, dust, mucous and viruses from the nasal passages. He could use that once (or maybe initially twice) a day to see if the helps him. Make sure does the rinses at least an hour before going to bed as some of the liquid can drain back from the sinuses into the throat and cause coughing. Good luck xxx


I use puressentiel nasal spray from Boots, made in France. I have only just discovered it but it is working a treat so far as my nose was blocked every morning. It isn't cheap but smells good and above all it is doing the trick.....more so than the spray the doctor prescribed.


I use the NeilMed sinal rinse over the past few weeks and have found it a great help. I also had a completely blocked nose, mostly at night time, and no matter how much I blew my nose nothing happened. I use the rinse twice a day and no more problems.

Hope this helps x


Sorry to hear your little one is suffering, have a word with pharmacist, about using saline nasal spray, and maybe think about asking Dr to change antihistamine as some people do not respond to Citrixine and there are others on the market Lopranazine? But do ask your GP or pharmacy.

Also my be useful to invest in a humidifier to moisten the air at night.

Good luck, but please as medical advise before using anything.


My kids used to get blocked up sinuses, so I put a small bowl of water on the bedroom sideboard with a few drops of Olbas oil in it. The water humidified the air, and the fumes of the oil cleared their sinuses as they breathed. Hope this helps. ( Oil of Olbas available from supermarkets and Chemists, not to be used on kiddies under 1 year old )


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