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Round The Island

Good morning, all

Another sunny day on the IoW, and it's the day for the Round-the-Island yacht race. I just counted from my window and there are 37 boats sailing eastwards, which is just about half way. Everyone has their spinakkers or bermuda rigs out. They are the fast ones. There will still be stragglers around at four o'clock. I used to enjoy sailing until the copd set in. Nowadays, I can't jump around quick enough to be of any assistance during a normal sail, let alone a race ! Never mind. It's still nice to watch 'em. Enjoy your day, folks!



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Can you watch it Dec. Exciting. I would love to be there in glorious weather. Not sure about the winter. Enjoy your weekend. Suzyxxx


How lovely for you DecD to be able to watch the racing. I love the IOW and find it really charming. Lucky you living there. xxx


I watched some live footage on line yesterday morning. I'm off on a sailing holiday to the Greek Islands next Sunday, it will be hard work but worth it, I'm no good on the winches anymore but can still do ok on the helm and navigation.


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