I don't know if I have been on this site before or not............ain't growing old fun! Anyway, have been prescribed Oxygen for 2/3 hrs a day on exertion (just about everything now), however I can't get my head around wearing it in public?........... I know it's a vanity thing and I will overcome it and I know it's daft, but just thought I'd mentiion it.?

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  • My husband was prescribed oxygen - the same as you exactly two years ago. To be really honest - I cried and partly it was the vanity thing. The good news is that you just get over it. My husband was particularly worried and it felt pretty uncomfortable to start with BUT the fact is it means that he can do much more. AND an advantage we didn't realise is that now he has a visual aid - people can see that he has a problem and are definitely more understanding. When we go to the supermarket we lay the canister across the seat of the trolley and off we go! We never think twice now. So take a deep breath (as deep as you! haha) and go for it - I am sure that you will be glad you did! It will give you a new lease of life. Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • I use ambulatory oxygen too romfty. Ive never found it a problem going out with it, partly because it made it plain to people that i had a problem where before, except for my friends, people didn't understand how serious the problem was (stage 3 copd). Like Tad has said, people really are more understanding now. For instance, its easier to ask if anyone has an infection if I'm in a crowded situation like a meeting or party, whereas before i would imagine them thinking "what's special about her, no-one wants to get a cold." Now its obvious.

    And i can walk much faster and consequently feel fitter. People often ask questions which i don't mind at all. I think we need to think of ourselves as oxygen warriors.

    Please don't worry, you will get used to it, and then you won't look back :)

  • I was a bit self conscious at first but after wearing it downtown once, no one seemed to take any notice. Now it doesn't bother me at all.

  • I use supplemental oxygen 24/7. It soon comes to feel 'normal' and I actually feel odd without it now!

  • when I 1st worn mine out in the supermarket young children used to look at me and you could hear them say to there mum's what's that lady wearing that for ? . I never used to look round, now my husband comes out with me all the time he tells people I'm going scuba diving later. he try's to make light of everything. so its not so bad except I have it on 24/7.

  • When young children ask what it is for I tell them it helps my breathing. They accept that as a reasonable and understandable explanation and usually will smile. It is their mothers that become embarrassed!

  • Hi ,know how feel ,I have felt the same as you since I was diagnosed back in 1992 ,I'm 69 now ,and since I was diagnosed my aim has always been ,,

    ,NOT TO REACH THE POINT OF NEEDING OXYGEN ,,,,,so far so good ,I know very little about the use of Supplymentary oxygen ,,,,,but at pulmary rehab course we are told about it (the team at my course know it's my aim not to need it ) there are a few who do need to use it at exersise ,and some Otheres that use it for 12 hours over night ,and not in the day ,,,,,,,have you done the rehab course ?? If not ask your GP for a referral ,you want regret it ,,just look at all the people on here that have done it ,and I don't think anyone has said it's a waste of time ,,,,,,over the years I have needed to repeat the course several times ,,but that's usually after a severe infection that's set me back ,,,,

    ,ON THE OTHER HAND ,,,,,if ever I do reach the time I need oxygen ,,,,I will wear it ,,,,,as that will be thing to help me ,,and it will be just one more thing in life that we have to face up to and accept ,,,,,,my 11year old grandaughter knows using oxygen In public is something I don't look forward to ,,,,but she came up with a brilliant idea,,,, her words were ,,,,," don't worry about it nanny ,,,,,I will ,,,,BLING it up for you ,,,I'll add sparkle and jewels and flowers" ,,,,,,,and yes ,,,,,that's what I would do ,,,,if people are going to look ,,,,,I'll give them something to look at and smile ,,,,I wish you well ,best wishes ,

    And don't forget that pulmary rehab ,

  • That was my aim as well. But hey guess what? After a vey bad chest infection in Jan '14, I was prescribed oxygen 1/2 litre for min 15 hours daily. I didn't use it properly. Never wore it at work. I do 3 days a week admin) now as well as COPD I have severe Pulmonary Hypertension. I am 65 and have had COPD for about 12 years. I think you're right about keeping active. When I exercise my oxygen levels definitely increase.

    Good luck


  • I wish I could have oxygen when out and about and doing stuff I would like to do, but cannot now as I am so out of breath doing it? I have been deemed exercise intolerant but because they say I recover quickly do not warrant O2?

  • I've used oxygen 24/7 for 10 years you get used to it. When out it's usually children that look but they are just curious. I never let it stop me doing anything and you will be the same in time.

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