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MY daughter is 6 years old and she had asthma attack reguraley especially in cold weather,recently consultant discoverd she has bronchiectasis. she had IV antibiotic (Cefotaxime) on 21/4/2015 for 14 days every 8 hours through her veins.Unfortunately since she had this IV antibiotics her lungs got more sensitive and since 14th of May 2015 till 20th june 2015 she had for asthma attack.what makes me worried is when she running around and play for couple of minutes she gets wheezy chest and even by blue inhaler can not help her and after couple of hours near the night she breath very hard and i had to call the ambulance and needs to use prednisolone tablet for couple of days.I WANT TO KNOW WHY HER ILLNESS GOT WORSE AND WHY SHE RUNS ABIT FOR MORE THAN 20R 3 MINUTES HER AIRWAYS GETS QUICKLY BELGUM (MUCUS) AND CAN NOT BREATH?PLEASE HELP ME,I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT HER HEALTH



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Is m so sorry your daughter has to go through this...please let drs know her meds not working. No tot should have to go through that. My blessings and I hope she gets the care she needs.

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Hi Maryam - Beep is right - tell your doctor. Meanwhile you're so scared - poor you. I hope it will encourage you if I tell you my daughter when she was 3 - she's 23 now - suddenly had really bad asthma attack, went blue and ended up in hospital on oxygen. She had never had anything like that before. There was a bit of messing about (and a LOT of panicking on my part) with different medicines and then she stabilized. She has standard asthma inhalers now - a brown preventer and blue one for relief.

It's so hard to watch your child go through it but my girl is big and strong now. Sending love x


Hello Maryam,

I am so sorry that you are having such a worrying time.Flibberti is right in saying that your daughter's asthma needs controlling better as this is the cause of the extreme breathlessness. I was diagnosed with extensive bronchiectasis at the age of three. I am 65, have had a full life, travelled all over the world, have two children and five grandchildren. I never had surgery. The most important thing is that your daughter be brought up to manage her condition. Most importantly to learn to do her own physiotherapy and clear her lungs every day. It is a pain but it keeps you going. She is not an invalid and once you use your consultants and GP (asthma and bronchiectasis both need separate specialities) to get the treatment that she needs she will be able to have a full and happy life. I think that the suggestion that you look at the forum where there are other parents of children with bronchiectasis is a very good idea. Getting support from others and knowing that you are not on your own is invaluable. Good luck, please let us all know how you get on.

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Hi, I feel for you. My son was the same & so is my granddaughter - although they don't have the complication of bronchiectasis.

The trick (for asthma at least) is to ensure she takes the blue inhaler before she starts running around or going into extremes of temperature. That's because on exertion, the airways get inflamed so too little air/oxygen gets to the lungs.

Are you in the UK? Never hesitate in dialing 999 for paramedics.

You must learn as much as you can about the conditions. All the best to her, and you her mum. It's so hard to see your child suffer. P xxx


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